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We have several quite old fruit trees in the garden we have just moved to.

When we moved in it was July , but there wasn't too much fruit on them and we were wondering about pruning?

Can anyone suggest just how much to prune, (considering they are so old)

and when to prune?

many thanks


What sort of fruit trees?

Apple's, three,  one Baker, and one Pear.


If old, then do not prune too much.

If you want new growth then prune any time when the trees are dormant. If you want fruiting spures then prune now, though it is getting a bit late, bettter done in September really.

Shorten all new growth back to 3 buds from the point of origin.

Best of all buy a book on pruning Fruit trees, with pictures, much easier to follow than written info.






Thanks Dovefromabove and Berghill.

Will try both!


Also look at RHS publications.  Older ones used to have a section on neglected fruit trees and how to 'renovate' them.

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