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I've a couple of gooseberry bushes grown from cuttings which, as they've grown have been pruned, to get a goblet shape.

They are in their 3rd year now and have lots of berries on, which are pulling the young branches down to ground level. Not sure what to do with them, should I stake up the young branches...prune...pick half the crop and hope the branches spring back up....

Thank you for your responses in advance... 


I pick every other gooseberry about the end of June and use them for jam and gooseberry sauce with mackerel etc. I leave the rest to ripen until sweet and use them as dessert gooseberries and in tarts and pies 

I usually pick half, the dilemma is that there's never been so much fruit on, as to weigh the branches down to the ground, the branches might snap? 

You could tie them up,i wouldn't prune them

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