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I'd like to grow Little Gems in the greenhouse this year. There are only 2 of us so we don't need a lot. What is the best way to grow them ?? In a growbag ?? Thanks

Some people look forward to Christmas but I look forward to my first Little Gem, they'll grow in anything so long as the soil/compost is ok.

Thank you I've only grown lettuce outside before I'll give it a go

Sowed mine in a large pot in a small lean to greenhouse. Were supposed to be for Christmas. Forgot to thin so have been cropping them as you would Salad Bowl. Just keep moist.


could i sow them and leave them in the potting shed window?even though theres no heater in there?


No probs Gav, they don't need much heat at this time of year but move into more light when first they start to show.


cheers ron,ive several types to sow,i`ll give em a whirl this weekend.

last year I grew Little Gems in a trough, very successful,grew Webbs Wonder in a pot ,just one per pot,just took enough leaves for each meal,lasts ages like that,also gave some away to friends and they did the same,saves cutting the whole plant and then having to throw it away if its not eaten,one plant can last a week or more



Yes you can grow them almost anywhere I've just put some in a seed tray in my unheated greenhouse and will transplant them later into the greenhouse boarders. Some people fill a bit of plastic guttering with soil/compost and when the seeds have grown big enough to handle you can slide the plants out into single large pots or into the greenhouse or even outside, doing it this way the roots dont get disturbed to much as lettuce dont like their roots disturbed it can make them run to seed. But remember to harden the plants off if you start them in the greenhouse before planting them outside.  

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