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karl Grandfield

hi, do winter onions like fertilised soil????? if so i have well rotter chicken manure is this any good or shall i buy some fertiliser? also should i cover the onions?

Yep winter onions like good rich soil. Chicken manure is fine. If its rotted. Domt put manure too near them. It's good to cover onions when first planted deter birds...but when growing uncover. You could add fertiliser in spring but I wouldn't use it now.
karl Grandfield

when you say dont put the manure too near them  does that mean i should rotavate the manure in???? as currently it is on the surface.

Think it would be best to dig the manure in. I plant mine at the allotment where there are plenty of pidgeons who like to eat them. I hang old cds on a low washing line and this does put some of them off.

Karl! I wouldnt disturb soil by digging now. Too late cos ground needs to settle. Plant now. Add manure, if really rotted, between the rows when growth is beginning in the spring. Cover with fleece to deter birds thinking the tops are worms.


Last week I dug my onion  patch (previously potatoes) and added compost. I read somewhere that onions don't like manure so have always used compost.  Anyway I lightly trod it over after composting, sprinkled the surface with growmore and gently raked it in. I intend to plant out my onion sets after the weekend so the ground has had a bit of a rest and the growmore has begun to activate.  I have done this several years running and it seems to work well. Hope this helps


Is it just winter ones that don't like manure? I have horses and I spread the old manure heap (1 year old) onto the garden in autumn. Then in spring in the veg garden I rotavate it all in before planting. This year the summer onions had lots and they were enourmous. I don't grow winter onions.

I just think manure on autumn sets wil help them rot. Onions love rotted manure, as I understand it they are gross feeders.........hey, that reminds me I need my lunch,

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