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I thought we had a harvest thread, but I can't find it so here's another one.

While I was laid up for all those weeks a kind friend came and potted on my toms and gave me three cucumber plants ...

I picked all these over the past two days!   Shall have to get that Cucumber Pickle recipe out again ... 

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You could have kept Wimbledon supplied with cucumber sandwiches Dove. It's been a good year so far. The freezer is already filling with fruit n veg, my better half has made a stack of courgette fritters for the freezer, they go well with a fried egg and crispy bacon.


 A nice little picking, carrots and calabrese with sausages for dinner tonight. Maybe blackberry and apple pie for dessert?

Looks amazing. I bet they tast just as good as they look

Dove, have you tried Delias cucumber soup, yummy



My tomatoes this year are... not sufficient in quantity to make it back to the kitchen . My strawberries... likewise  (except my alpine strawberries which taste absolutely awful this year for some reason).

The plum and pear tree are looking good and the blackberries are nearly ripe too.


I picked a little dish of raspberries every day for a fortnight. Mostly ate them for breakfast or afters, but gave some away and baked some in a cheesecake.   I've succeeded in growing beetroot for the first time and mother's eating most of those, drowned in vinegar.  Not sure about the toms, because I didn't sow any - they've all grown from the seeds that went into the compost bin.  So a lot of them will be commercial varieties, and their growth habit is a lot different from what I'm used to.  Spuds are looking good.  A couple of plants have wilted so I forked around but only got four little ones so I'll wait a while.  Peas and beans, pathetic.  I sowed two lots in the ground, and planted out more that I'd started in the cold frame.  It looks as though I'll have enough runners for one meal.  Rhubarb has been very productive, despite one of the crowns persistently trying to flower.

Don't give up on your runners yet. Mine are only just getting into their stride so there's still lots of season left.

Picked runners, mange tout and peas, kale and a courgette  for dinner tonight (OH is cooking pork chops  ) along with a handful of spuds - I'm digging up the 2nd earlies now. First earlies were great - started digging them about a month ago and have only just begun on the 2nd earlies. Also got about 200g of blueberries today, having not picked any yesterday. I've been getting about 80g (i.e. one 'portion' in doctor speak) to go with my breakfast cereal every day for a couple of weeks but had the last of the mid season blackcurrants this morning instead. Might have blueberries and ice-cream for afters tonight .


Carrots picked the other day


 My niece sent me this picture of her harvest from her greenhouse today. It's only the 2nd year that she and her fiance have been gardening! They have real enthusiasm for gardening and it's great to see their efforts pay off. She's going to have a go at making some homemade ketchup as they have so much fruit.


What a fantastic picture Scroggin ... they should feel very pleased with themselves 


Thanks Dove, I think it's a fantastic effort for 2 novice gardeners. 

scroggin says:
  She's going to have a go at making some homemade ketchup as they have so much fruit. See original post

 If she roasts them with some garlic, red onion and herbs (oregano, basil) before making the ketchup it has a depth of flavour like nothing you ever bought in bottle 

Ooooh that sounds fab, definitely try that , thanks raisin



Saturday's pickings, including the first spuds of the season.


Thanks for the recipe Raisingirl, I will pass it on to her


scroggin - that's very impressive. They've grown quite a few varieties too. Really terrific - and they look very tasty. Not sure many of them would have made it into my kitchen...

Hosta - that's also very impressive. Makes my handful of carrots look rather sad! I have lots of basil and lettuce, but no pix of them. Does that count?  


They've definitely got the gardening bug Fairygirl, they have grown 7 different varieties of toms aswell as peppers, chillies and cucumbers in their greenhouse. 


That's fantastic scroggin.