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flowering rose

not at the moment waiting for better weather,wasted plants last year due to bad summer,I grow them in the garden plot.

Mine just germinated, in 9cm pots, I have a conservatory which I keep them in until the weather warms up, that way they are huge and produce loads of flowers before I harden them off in pots around June...Not sure what variety, as I got them at a seed swap a couple of years back.

Courgettes grow into marrows if you let them grow long enough!


No, I'm not.

The Manic Slughunter

I tried growing marrows last year to no avail, not one seed germinated! So this year I'm sticking with courgettes which I seem to have good results with and Swiss Sue I did leave a couple to marrow size very tasty



I thought this person came from Tower Hamlets. Why are you all responding? (puzzled smiley)


I see you also write rubbish on Allotments4All!

Block fish4card folks. His style is obvious

Swiss Sue is right. I let two courgettes grow into marrows. They are absolutly delicious when stuffed and baked. Yummmmm



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