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I shall try a two pronged approach:

Move the tree in the autumn to be closer to my apple trees.

Feed with potash autumn and spring.

Then wait and see if next year brings lovely fruity results - quite a lot of gardening is waiting and hoping!

Jim Macd

Why are you moving your cherry plum close to your apple tree? What will that do?

Ha ha good question...!

 I misread something posted by someone else and thought that an apple tree might help with pollination.

To be honest I am puzzled as to why it is not fruiting when the plum tree 6 feet away is yet again laden and  wonder whether the tree needs more space. It is surrounded gooseberry bushes.

i think I am clutching at straws 

It has also been suggested that another Mirabelle tree would encourage pollination and fruit setting

Jim Macd

Yes, not to be rude, but yes, the answer is, I'm sure, just pollination. If you don't have flowers then you won't get fruit, if you get fruitlets but they all drops off then it's stress of some kind. If you don't get any fruitlets forming and you've had flowers then it has to be pollination. Don't forget your cherry plum will flower very early in the year when there is very few pollinating insects about. I had cherries on my Prunus incisa for the first time this year in over four years of beautiful shows of flowers, why?, I cross pollinated it myself with a feather duster, not to pollinate the P. Incisa but to get pollen from it for other early cherries. Prunus Incisa if you don't know it is flowering beautifully by the second week in March up here in Durham while most other things are still fast asleep. Anyway, the point is no bees, no cherries unless you do the job yourself. Yes, a pollinator will help but if you don't have bees no matter how many pollinators you've got you'll need to do the job yourself. We have lots of Cherry Plums in the hedgerows up hear and get a few plums each year but I'm sure we'd get orders of magnitude more if there were more bees about. And no, apples won't help in the least, they're not nearly closely related enough. 


Jim and all. Can anyone help Allotment Dave with a problem he's got with his plums ? I've bumped his thread up twice and no answers.   currently on page 2.


Thank you very much Jim. I shall hold back from any drastic action and possibly be out with a feather duster in spring!

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