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went to allotment to retrieve pots of strawberries, gave our wheelbarrow to allotment society to be used by everyone. Was told there's a half plot right up next to society shop free, that's exactly what I'd want but expect it'll go as we'll be bottom of list ( around30th ) now, such a shame we didn't get a small plot 1st time, think we'd have managed that

Hello all 

Rosemummy fingers crossed for you 

Both of us Went to plot yesterday, cleared out sprouts and broccoli and dug beds 

Trimmed Kale , tied up spinach  & chard and decided to leave them for a bit longer 

Put bark chipping s around gooseberrys bushes and a few other jobs 

It was a bit windy but warm 

Pallet collars are great 


Hi all really chuffed with the pallet collars, spent yesterday afternoon finding a place for them but meant digging up some of my perenials. Will paint them with fence paint on my next trip.

this is my little pond Garden Girl. Its a black washing up bowl!


This is my pond in summer,( and my dog Molly)

Ginagibbs, pond and Molly look good 


Ginagibbs that is a brilliant pond - thanks for the pictures really helps seeing it, like the plants around the pond and the stones very pretty bit of your allotment. cute dog

Rosemummy go talk to the person in charge say you would like that plot sometimes if you are on a site you get the plot before the waiting list people do - know it is cheeky that way - you may as well ask no harm in doing so

some of my seeds are germinating which is great

Thanks garden girl, I phoned yesterday, it's gone though the lady was very helpful and said they'd look at splitting more plots if that's what people wanted, that one was great for me as it was near the road and the shop, I want to meet other gardeners (and I have carpal tunnel and (early onset i might add!!!) painful arthritis in my hands, son the less distance I have to lug stuff about the better) wish I'd asked before we gave up our plot, oh well, things happen for a reason, we'll get one that's right for us when the time's right for us, may be better when my 3 year old goes to pre school

Rosemummy shame hope another plot comes up in similar place, do you know if you are still number 30 on the list and how long off the wait might be?

GWRS how many chick pea seeds did you sow to get a bowl or two worth? how many chick peas per a plant are they like peas?

not sure gg, maybe it depends if they split some plots

Gardengirl , you only get one chick pea pet pod but you do get lots on a bushy stem , can't really remember how many you get 

However , have now got some and will definitely be growing them again , I will keep a proper record and we can compare results 

In garden today lovely and sunny but an icy wind , having coffee break at moment ☕️🍩

Thanks GWRS may start some in trays/ cells tomorrow being a fruit day


Seedlings are emerging in the greenhouse, so far lettuce and various brassicas are coming through. The onion sets in modules are sprouting well. I also sowed some more Rhubarb, I don't need any but it's so easy to grow from seed I can't resist. There are always other allotment holders grateful for a plant. One of the other plot holders was spreading out a groundsheet for his manure delivery, it had been folded up all winter, when we unfolded it there were 6 slowworms, we found a nice warm home for them in a compost heap.

GWRS sowed my chick peas today 24 cells and 2 per cell - now in plastic greenhouse

Scroggin good with the slow worms


Hi all, it rained all day yesterday so my plans went to pot.  Got another 8 bags of horse muck down though for my new raised beds, Sowed more sweet peas and some broad beans. Tomatoes are now ready to prick out, looking a bit leggy now not grown chick peas, might give them a try this year.

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