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Went to the allotment today did some more digging put a board in edge of plot and laid a turf down is getting rained in now, when digging I found a lot of rubbish and a large pile of glass that will have to be removed all in bit

Scroggin brilliant sweet peas when did you sow them - mine are only about 10cm high so miles off yours

Thanks Zoomer - went to B&Q yesterday as I spotted a strimmer online checked it out and looked at others, decided on the one I like and got it a Mac Allister one pretty light weight and 1hour quick charge so will try it out sometime not too far off as weeds are pretty high


Thanks Gardengirl, they've grown well this year. I picked the first 3 stems today. They were autumn sown and planted out mid March.

Hello , popped up to plot this evening and cut aspragus and rhubarb 

Can't believe how the weeds have grown while on holiday , going to be a busy time 

Unfortunately rain forecast tomorrow 

Lots of weeds grown GWRS lots of the ones on my plot got yellow flowers on

Did manage to put a few more boards along edge of path and 2 more rolls of turf, was a bit today where we rushed to car to shelter sudden downpour  bad made the plot rather puddley

Scroggin got black fly on broad beans a lot on some so squashed them today with gloves on and sprayed with soap liquid - water -washing up liquid hope that will help them keep off make it slippery

Hoping to go to plot tomorrow, then Hale - New Forest open gardens on Sunday

Hello just got back from allotment , got broad beans , French beans , cabbage , brocli and peas planted , some where suffering a bit for being in g/h for to long 

Only 1 squash germinated 

Going up again tomorrow as forecast is very good 

We did a bit in g/h at home ad well 

We now have sun shine and little showers 

Gardengirl did your ginger grow , not seen any life from mine yet !


My asparagus grew, haven't picked any though as this is the first yr.

I'm in Stratford upon Avon for the weekend. Just been to Mary Arden's Tudor Farm. Must say you guys our plots are better weeded than their veg beds ๐Ÿ˜‹

 Zoomer , haven't been to Stratford on Avon in years , a nice place , have a good time , are you going to the Threatre there ? 

GWRS not seen anything either from the ginger dug it up a bit ago and nothing growing on it

Allotment for a bit today more digging, and exciting new I got to see the baby blue tit in the box the biggest one keeps putting its head out the hole to get food so cute looking, Harvested the first broad beans


Lots of weeding to do today, hopefully get time to plant out celeriac. Beans, sweet corn and courgettes are hardening off, should be ready to go in next week.

GWRS, the hotel is quite a distance from the centre, so haven't booked in at the theatre, maybe next time, it's certainly worth a second trip. 

Only sowed courgettes, cues and squash before coming away so they won't be ready to plant out till June.

Have a nice day everyone๐Ÿ˜€


Lovely sunny day here. Planted out 2 rows of Celeriac. Lots of weeding done, sowed some more Spring Onion, carrot and radish direct on to the allotment.

Good morning all , full day at plot yesterday , lots planted squash , corequetts , chick peas and carrot ๐Ÿฅ• seed strips , purple carrots and parsnips 

Only 9 chick peas germinated 

Lots of weeding 

Going to cut lawns today 

Hope alls well with everybody 

Hello all

We went around Hale on Sunday Looking at all the garden there were 11 of them, not many of them near each other so a lot of walking and getting car around great gardens some on slopes,  ended up tried at end of day - got some ideas from them

Did a full day monday too GWRS up allotment took new strimmer did quite a bit lasted a good length of time, then lots of digging and got lots of boards in edge of path and then back in garden painted more boards for the path edge, Was a super hot sunny day

Done bit of digging today not far off getting to end of path still a bit to dig out of grass/ weeds

Anyone at the allotment been offered a cup of tea from other plot holder?


Gardengirl we have a communal hut with a gas stove and kettle so people tend to use that. We have a camping stove in the shed as well if we want a quick brew.

With warm overnight temps forecast I've planted out my runner beans and courgettes. The plot is filling up now, still need to find room for leeks, cabbages, french beans and sweet corn.

Hello , early evening trip to allotment , getting back

into shape and planting up 

going Tommrow on own to prepare a couple more beds ready for leeks for o/h to plant on Friday 

This good weather has come just right for us 

Seeds planted today , parsley , various spring onions , yellow courgettes.

 Plants were courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Lots of self seeded sun flowers 

We , together with help , replaced rotten pallets that a water cub  was on , I burnt all the wood it had dried  nicely 

Hope alls well with everybody ๐Ÿ˜€

Horrible news from Manchester !



Dreadful news in Manchester Garden Girl, so sad for the victims and their families.

Lovely weather here, had a good session yesterday afternoon, planted out some courgettes so hope we don't get a late frost. Peas, beans, Brussel sprouts and broccoli all in now too.  !  Only a few gaps to fill. Found yet more pallet collars for raised beds so filled them up with the courgette plants.

Ginagibbs is terrible in news, great find on the pallet collars

Did a bit of strimming in garden today and finally planted out my peas after digging over the bed and chick peas will also plant some of them at allotment

Any of you watching Chelsea flower show, some great gardens

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