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Just signed up for a new allotment...OMG...were my first thoughts when I looked onto my first plot...

...what had I let myself in for......putting your name down on a waiting list is one thing...but faced with a plot over grown with brambles, weeds and's hard to imagine veggies will ever grow again on such a neglected site ...  

... but grow they do...... and by my second year I was looking forward to taking on a bigger plot to grow, not just growing veg but fruit and flowers... 

This is part 2 of a thread which started a couple of years is the link if you want to look back...lots of familiar posters...who give good advise...and share their day down on the plot... so if you have an allotment whether just starting out or an experienced allotmenteer...feel free to drop in... 


happy growing.....


Happy to see part 2 Zoomer  You lot have certainly been busy and productive..have a great season  

Thanks KEF, just read your post on the old thread. 

 Shame we can't carry over the recent pics Gg posted of the allotment shop on the site where she has a plot, the shop is amazing......  

Just checked the weather forcast for the weekend and it's looking good here both mornings. Hoping to go to the plot Saturday morning to plant a couple of pear tree's and do some weeding round the onions and garlic planted in the Autumn.  

Happy growing everyone


I think you can still view but not post on part one..maybe Gg would repost them 

Hello can still see old posts 

No allotmenteering for a just over a week as helping sister in law decorate flat in Swindon 

all the best 


Enjoy Swindon. I'm going up to Aberdeen next weekend so hoping to get a lot of jobs done on the plot this weekend.

Just made a monthly sowing guide for the year as I run out of steam by June and successional sowing always tappers off.

I've been meaning to ask about successional sowing: how often do you sow? Every two weeks? Does it vary for different crops?


 GG your shop looks amazing, we have a loo and tiny car park as we only have 39 plots and they are nearly all half plots. 

Aster, I think you can sow  every 2 -4 weeks, depending on the crop and how long they take to come to maturity I only ever get round to remembering when its too late so it pays to be super organised! 

Aster/Ginagibbs-I'm not usually this organised with sowing but I've alot of different veggies and varieties this year...

You can sow every 2-4 wks depending on the crop. Radish and spring onions can be sown every 4wks throughout the growing season as they grow fairly quickly. 

I've at least two varieties or more for peas, beans, turnip/swede, carrots, beertroot, kale, lettuce and broccoli(calabrese and purple sprouting). Each variety will grow better sown at different times...

...check the growing instructions on the packet....some are more hardy than others and they mature at different times... so I'll sow some of these every 4-8 weeks...

For instance peas, I'll sow a hardy one in March and less hardy one's in April and May. The same with turnip, I'll sow a hardy one in April which matures quickly and again in May. Winter turnips/swedes will be sown in July and August, these can stay in the ground to be picked over winter...   




Thanks, Ginagibbs and Zoomer, that's really helpful. I'm trying to decide whether to start some seeds indoors or sow them in the ground later - I might just wait to sow outside, as I don't have a cold frame or a greenhouse or an unheated room.


Hi Aster,

I start a lot of seeds indoors or in the green house before I plant them out, I have clay soil and it takes a while to warm up.I only sow outside from late March onwards depending on the weather.

,I cover some of the ground with black plastic sheets to try and warm it up first. the ground needs to be slightly on the dry side to sow outside.You could use plastic cloches.

Hello all, I am here  - pics of shop for you all to see again, did decide not to go for the other plot as need to do a lot to the one I have


Hello Aster2 where abouts are you? I am in Hampshire Southampton

I need to do that repeat sowing thing this year, still not started sowing anything yet. last year I sowed my celery seeds today - found out they are a bog plant really so need a lot of water and feeding

Went to a GC potato weekend today in Salisbury in Courtens GC first time been there did look ok bit cold as more of a nursery they did have a big wood burner probably even nicer on a non raining day,  brought some green courgette seeds from kings - partenon F1 the seeds do not require pollination which is brill  - they had a whole range of kings seeds amazing all with pictures

Oops came away with 2 potatoes Albert Bartlett Apache multi coloured was not going to get any more spuds but I did -  they are chitting with the rest

Went and looked at there pear trees they had about 4 sorts looks as though they were self fertile but would benefit from another pear tree in the same pollinating group they had b or c  - they were in 10 litre pots and cost £34.99 each good looking trees but I am only looking and finding information for now  

Got through the post my kings seeds cucamelons, white cucumber, yellow cosmos, and yellow spineless courgette  - sunstripe

I can't get over your allotment shop Gg and give it 4 stars...

Went to the plot this morning, as it was cold, I built a fire and burned the big woody roots from last years crop. Picked some kale and leeks. Neighbouring plot  holders are going on their jollies to Australia for a few weeks and as they were leaving, said it was ok to pick the last of their brussell sprout crop, so came home with brussells too...  

Gardengirl , shop looks great and stuff from Kings sounds good , always like to try some think different 

Zoomer44 sure they would like that,  here is a pic I took a while back of the outside of the building to the far left not in picture is where the toilets are about the same length but in the stone bit, the building is the same stone as the garage in the back garden here - so must of been built about the same time

You can see the bit with the compost area in the right, seats and the bit where they cut the rolls - like weed matting  


GWRS am going to try a few different things, it is good to do that 



Gardengirl, I'm in Herts, near St Albans. Your allotment shop looks wonderful!

Went to the plot, dug over a bed and built another low fence from half pallets across the bed.

There were a lot of other plot holders there today, quite a few new faces. We no longer have a waiting list and so an ad went in the local paper this time.

Hello , I believe our site is full again 

Hey folks 

life is quite busy with two plots! I'm at one every day because that's where my chickens are, the other one, less so  I'm planning on going to the other one later today or tomorrow to get some digging done and a couple of plastic cloches down to get warmed up a bit for garlic and onions to go in. 

I have potatoes chitting away quite nicely and have already started sowing chillies, peppers and tomatoes  


Hi all, spent about 5 hours up at the plot yesterday, the longest for ages (I only went to take some broccoli and cabbage plants up to store in the polytunnel !!) Didnt see a soul there even though the weather was dry and sunny! 

Dug over and weeded quite a few areas, hard work as its so sticky at the moment, pleased to see a heavy frost this morning and its going to be -3 tonight, should break up the soil nicely

Garden Girl How many plots do you have on your site? Thats  a very big shop you have!