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Hi all, I promised some time ago on the forkers thread to post pics of my new 12x8 Rhino greenhouse and have only just gotten around to it!



Both ends built:

Both sides built:

Connected together:

Ridge & roof glazing bars added:

Part glazed:

Fully glazed & strenghtening bars added:

Ground anchors dug & concreted in:

Side beds fitted and filled:

Planting done:

3 weeks later:

Melons at the far end then aubergines.  Various cucerbits on the left with tomatoes on the right with peppers and strawberries on pots on the 4ft wide path with still room to spare (but not much!)


Yea! good choice ;) I'm thrilled with my 8x10 Rhino

Wow, great job, excited for you.  Happy growing.


Looks great, Bob...wish I had the room for a 12x8, please let us know how the Melons get on, that's one plant I want to grow next year.


Thanks all and I'll be sure to report on the melons - several female flowers have now appeared and I'm hand-pollinating them to hopefully make sure they grow into fruit and don't just fall off, like my last effort at growing them!  These are grafted F1 'Emir' and are far, far ahead and more vigorous than the ones I grew from seed a year or two back in the polytunnel (which this greenhouse replaced.)



I'll be interested how you get on too Bob.
Had great success with my 1st ever cucumber this year - at least 2 cue's a day from 1 plant since mid june and picked 11 on one day.
Now if I can do the same with melons.... :)

Gosh Bob - you didn't take long to fill that up did you ?   When is the 2nd one coming ?  

Super job tho 


Already have a (very old) 6x10, Philippa and this photo from the beginning of June shows why I had to get a 2nd one:

This is it today, now exclusively for tomatoes (which are growing at a frighteningly fast pace!):

Victoria Sponge

Very impressive

I see 3 sides are directly on the soil? How many people were required to put it together?

Sorry for the questions, I'm just wondering as I'd like one for my allotment when I've sorted out the flooding...


I managed it all on my own, Victoria.  It was a bit of a struggle to get the ridge on but I used wire to hold it roughly in place at one end while I lifted and fitted the other end.  However, I would say 2 people are really necessary and could easily do it.  The 4mm safety glass is quite heavy as most of the panes are 5 foot long, rather than the usual 2x2 foot which many greenhouses use so I got the fitting kit which included a glass suction cup lifter which really helped.


PS, the Rhino in particular is very strong so fine on level and compacted soil.

Victoria Sponge

That's good to know, as I thought I would have to make a solid base, but would prefer not to

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