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The new garden has a large fig in full sun which is full of luscious leaves but not a single fig.   Any ideas as to how to provoke it into fruiting for next year?   Feeding, pruning, stern talking to?

We have one here in the greenhouse which I had to hack back quite hard in spring and it has tried to take over its world again and produced dozens of fruits but too late to ripen.  

Can't win.


Good talking to I reckon, ob.  Anything else likely to just produce more green growth, especially feeding and watering it too much.  Like getting tasty tomatoes, controlled neglect is best.

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I suppose it's too happy to fruit. My friend's  container fig has more figs (54) than my 12 years old tree (31).  Fig needs its root restricted to produce fruits.  Stern talking to is also worth trying !


The none fruiter is in the ground and I have no idea, as yet, as to how fertile is the soil but I do know it has hot dry summers and hardly any frosts in winter..

The one I have in my greenhouse here is in poor soil but does get watered regularly.  Its parent grows outside a few miles away and fruits well every year but we're that bit more exposed here so outside in winter is just too cold for even a Brown Turkey.  After a mild winter here it is covered in figs but just too late because of the cold start to spring and summer.



Excellent.  Thanks Dove.

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