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After reading a discussion on growing tomatoes and cucumbers together in a greenhouse, has anyone had success in growing outdoor cucumbers and if so, which variety?


Yes, for several years on my allotment. I will look up the variety and let you know, but they were probably on;y cheap ones from wilkinson.

Thanks Forester.  I will be very interested to hear of any successful varieties. I don't get up to the allotment every day ( assume they need watering daily if there is no rain) so I shall probably try some in the garden so I can keep an eye on them.


I grow Marketmore outside. In a good sunny position, they will fruit for ages. The seeds are a bit pithy, so I tend to scoop them out and then chop the flesh into salad.


Just looked up last years seeds Madeleine and I grew Marketmore 76 from Wilko.  I have to share one tap with many allotment holders so therefore my plot does not get watered very often but even so I haven't had any problems.  As Fidgetbones says the seeds are pithy when they get a bit older and I also find I need to take the skins off.  I have also pickled smaller ones in spiced vinegar (gherkins) which works well.

Don't be put off and have a go. 



Madeleine - I grow Marketmore and a really good variety called La Diva outside

I also grow tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers and chillies in the same greenhouse 

Pam LL x

Sorry - been grannying today with little 2 year old which has been great fun  in the veggie garden at home with his little wheelbarrow and tool set.  Start them young!

Yes - Marketmore seems to be a popular variety and you seem to be tolerating the pips.  Cucumbers in Italy seem to have rather tough skins too and need peeling. Maybe most of them are grown outdoors too. I expect they still beat the shop bought ones. 

Will seek out La Diva, Pam. 

Will keep looking for other varieties.  What would happen if I grew a greenhouse variety in the garden I wonder?  Might be an interesting experiment. Anyone tried it?

I grew Marketmore in the greenhouse last year and agree with the comments above. Inedible without peeling and the seeds were rather large. Won't be using them again so any recommendations welcome.

David Matthews2

I grew Marketmore from fresh Wilko seeds: initially in small pots in unheated greenhouse, then transferred into bucket-sized pots and moved into sunniest, most sheltered patio area. They grew steadily and continued fruiting (and climbing a nearby holly tree) until early November! I didn't object to the seeds or the slightly tough skin - I normally strip peel and dice into a mixed salad on a daily basis. I'll be growing them similarly again this year - but like others I would welcome suggestions for alternatives to grow outdoors?

I usuyally grow cues in the GH but have bought a trial variety from T&M this year to try outdoors at 99p called Jogger F1 the packet says it grows on the flat or up a trellis/netting support.

Why not try a tried and tested one and something new.  

Outdoor ones are normally called ridge cucumbers, Last year I grew one Marketmore and a couple of Masterpiece. Kept me and my missus in cucumbers for several months. Most definitely will be doing the same this year again. The variety Tokyo Slicer looks good for growing outdoors..


Hoe did Masterpiece compare with Marketmore, Dave?  Any preference?


We grow tomatoes and chillis in the greenhouse and added cucumber Crystal Apple to the mix. We had a lot of round yellow skinned fruits which tasted similar to Asian pears, but not as sweet, but they were very nice.

I grew Crystal Apple last year along with Marketmore and a grafted one that I can't remember the name of. All were delicious.

This year I'm going to grow Burpless Tasty Green which is an F1 and Marketer, they can be grown outside as well which is where I grow mine although here at home in large pots rather than the allotment.



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