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I love growing and eating peppers
Do you have a question Lisa ?
Pam LL x

hi Lily

how large do jalapenos grow and where in the greenhouse should i put them any info you have would be great

much love gaz

I struggle to get mine to ripen past green. Is it likely to be a lack of sunshine by any chance?


Gaz, the only time I grew Jalapenos the plants grew to about 3' or 4'. Treat chillies exactly the same as you would tomatoes. As much sun and warmth as possible.

MrCP, temperature (warmth) rather than direct sunlight is the key to ripening. That said, different types ripen to different colours. It depends what you're growing. For larger types, give them a rap. A hollow sound says they're ripe. For smaller types, you should see some withering of the stem at the stem end.


thank you for the reply i have the heater on so heres hoping

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