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I am currently living in my home town of NY. I have a tiny lawn in front of my House. I want to plant tomato and some other things as well. Since starting this I have figured out there is a lot more to do before putting them in dirt and making sure they have the right amout of light and water lol!. I started researching how to best utilize my space.There's lots of grass and want to mowing it first i think. I Have a Honda electric lawn mower and its still work good.After mowing how can i start and which way is best for me need to know.Lots of question are waiting ? thanks in advance

Jason, afraid you lost me on that, do you mean to plant Tomato's into grass?
We grow Tomato's in pots and many other things too, as to where you put the pots depends on shelter from prevailing winds and the amount of sunshine they will get on a daily basis.
My own are in a green house which you obviously do not have although out door tomato's are easily grown in pots.
If you are thinking of digging up some of the grass then remove the turf and store it grass down somewhere it will become good compost. Dig over the strip and add drainage grit and plenty of compost then plant up the tomato's and water.
On the information you give this is all guess work although one way of doing things.



Frank, call me cynical but I think it's just an ad for an electric mower.

Italophile, I did wonder but if people ask advice I give it free, maybe we should start charging if we think it a spoof.



Excellent idea. A sliding scale based on the ingenuity of the spam.


sorry to say that its not Lawn where i plant.actually i want to plant into my yard.sorry again for big mistake.thanks all reading me.

hi Jason, Its exciting being new to gardening, I have grown all my tomatoes from seed this year and they are nearly ready for putting into pots or grow bags.  It is actually sunny here this morning in Bristol England which is a pleasant change as our spring is late in coming this year. what is your weather like in the big apple !!! Enjoy your little patch of heaven like me.


I think Italophile is right - check out Jason's 'About me' on his details.  Spam again?  The Moderator will decide.

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