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Am i doing the right thing by holding on a bit before putting my pots in the ground, maris peers, due to the lovely weather!!!!!

I think so, I'm doing the same as you, but itching to plant them...Please WARM UP!

They been chitting for what seems like ages! Won't affect them will it?

I wouldn't think so, mine still look pretty viable, I just try and keep them in a dark cool area (which is under a table in my conservatory) to prolong their life...As long as their not going really squishy or mouldy, then they should be fine



I was concerned about mine as well. So really just keep squeezing to make sure they are not squishy and do what i am doing now.

I do have them in my garage which is frosr free but cold, is that still OK?

Rosa, yes keep feeling them and if possible try to stop them touching each other, as contact can cause mould to form. But your garage is perfect for them

There is still plenty of time. I don't usually plant potatoes before April. You don't want their green leafy tops, when they appear, to get frosted.

I'm holding off too. Wanted to get them in on Good Friday (as tradition states) but it's just not warm enough at the moment.

Always wanted to create a hotbed, but their quite expensive and a lot of work arent they fish?

chilli lover

Everyone here - IGNORE fish4

My neighbour says he always puts his in St Patricks Day - I have always waited until the start of April - might need to be later this year


Mine have been chitting since January, some were bought at a potato fair and although most have longish shoots (2inches)it's all healthy growth.

I usually plant about Easter time, last year the weather was glorious. I'll be waiting this time for warmer weather, better to wait than risk losing them to frost.


fish4card is a troll!



Don't plant your spuds until all danger of frost has passed or YOU may lose them



Oh yes, absolutely - cool temps as opposed to hot, but not COLD!!! 

seema like i've started something here! Only needed a bit of guidance lol 

So what month is best to plant potatoes. I am new to growing them
Kerry Murray wrote (see)
So what month is best to plant potatoes. I am new to growing them

April-allowing for the fact that when the green tops are poking through the risk of frost has diminished