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i have planted 3 types of pumpkins in my allotment , snow globe , hundred weight and atlantic giants  ...... the hundred weight variety seem to be growin g well but the atlantics do not seem to be growing , i have trimmed the long vines and cut off all but one of the fruits . is there anything i can feed them to help them grow bigger this late in the day ? many thanks


People aiming to grow large Atlantic Giants usually feed with a fertiliser rich in potassium. Don't overdo it, though. They're a late variety so your success rate will depend on the length of your growing season.

thank you will try that... people have said feed them beer or milk is this true or an old wives tale



Lots of well rotted farm yard manure. soil prepararation is key. Leave the long runners on as they will root where they touch good soil and add more food to the plant. Cut off all additional flowers, except  the fruit you want. Feed and water regularly with high potash food.

Mine have been slow also so don't fret. I've had at least 10 fruitlets and all but 2 failed to set. I was told they need at least 100 leaves befor allowing them to fruit!



danny, feeding them beer was proved to be a furphy. I can't imagine that milk would offer pumpkins the nutrition they need either.

thank you everyone for your advice one more question could i use comfrey as i seem to have an abundance of it , if so do i need to make a liquid feed or can ijust cut the leafs and lay on the ground as a mulch


Use comfrey as a liquid feed. You could incorporate chopped up leaves in the compost when you prepare the beds for next year.


Comfrey is rich in potassium so it's a good feed for pumpkins. Liquid form is best, as fidgetbones says.

thank you every one again for your help and advice......

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