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I have limited space in my veg patch and wondered whether I would be able to grow raspberries and other soft fruit such as blackcurrants and gooseberries against a fence which gets about 4/5 hours sunshine a day.  I do not want to utilise one of my raised beds for soft fruit as I use them for crop rotation year on year.  Are there any particular varieties that might do better against a fence than others.  Any assistance gratefully received.


hi lorrainspoona i have always grown autumn raspberries against a fence you just plant them around six inches from fence and cut them down to the ground around feb or march and they dont need any staking,blackcurrants grow into a big bush unless you prune them also gooseberries you plant them the same as the rasberries and i always cut about one third off every march it keeps them small and the fruit are much bigger but not so many of them good luck.

Hi Chica, thank you very much indeed for very helpful advice - hoping for a bumber crop ..


Just watch out for the runners from raspberries, I planted some along the edge of my garden a few years ago and they have been driving me mad as they are coming up in all my nearby veg beds!


I will watch out for that, thank you.

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