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I have decided to create a new rapberry bed with sumer and autumn fruiting but im not sure which varieties to go for  can anyone recommend please


I grow the autumn fruiting variety Polka - trouble free to grow and a heavy yield of large very tasty fruit - we're having some from the freezer for our Burns Night Cranachan this evening.  Highly recommended


Thanks Dove I wil have a Google and see who stocks them 


A vote for Polka here too - first time we have ever grown raspberries, and we loved them


I've just ordered 12 polka canes. I love raspberries, I want enough to make jam.



Me as well, the plants I have at the moment have been good but I think have come to the end I don't know what they are the canes were given to me years ago, maybe I should just go for all the same autumn fruiting but we do enjoy eating them in summer decisions decisions what to do 

 Hi all, can anybody tell me if these are summer fruiting or autumn fruiting? I want to separate them into two beds but I am unsure which these are, or if there are both varieties here. Can anyone help??




Fidget, I planted 3 canes in Feb 2013 - last year we had raspberries most days from August onwards, enough raspberries for 8 lbs of jam, and ice cream boxes full in the freezer, we're still eating them.

You'll be drowning in raspberries in a couple of years time with 12 canes!  I can think of worse fates


I was wondering if that would be enough!!. Mind you I suspect it will be same as blackcurrant jam... amazing how many friends i acquire at jamming time who declare that blackcurrant jam is their favourite, apart from the lodger next door who wanted to know if it had bits in.


The wonderful thing about raspberries, and Polka in particular, is that they freeze so very well, really holding their shape


I inherited an rasberry forest on my allottment and the only way I could tell was to let them flower and fruit , mine all turned out to be summer ones 

best of luck 


Definitely Polka, they were amazing last year, for me anyway. I found the Autumn Bliss very light and watery rather than full bodied and yummy (lol) I got Glen Clova and Glen Magna this year but unsure what they will be like, anyone able to tell me? Thought I'd pot them up and see how they go. I've also the possibility of getting Tadmor and Cascade Delight, but unsure as yet if that's happening or what they are like  suppose I can always make jam if I don't like them lol


I am restarting my raspberry bed and have decided to go for just autumn fruiting canes. They require less support than the summer fruiters and seem to produce more fruit over a longer season (& the birds seem less attracted to them than the earlier varieties).

In view of the recommendations above I will give Polka a try this time. But (out of interest) - has anybody tried any of the yellow varieties? I thought I might go for just one cane to add interest to the fruit bowl.  How do they compare in terms of yield and taste? Any recommendations for variety?


Thanks for the advice about the autumn polka rasp I have decided to get six of those and six summer glen fyne


New raspberry canes have been planted now that the ground has thawed, thanks for the advice

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