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I seem to have lost all my threads, can anyone tell me if theyclear automatically.  Anyway last year I asked if anybody had grown rhubarb in pots and if so what was the best way to keep it going through the winter.  A lot of you were interested and asked to know if I managed to keep it going.  I was so pleased this morning, I was checking on the pots and there was the first sign of the rhubarb coming through. After the winter we have had I thought I would lose it.  Can't wait for the rhubarb crumbles etc. 


Hi lavenderlass, check that you haven't accidentaly clicked 'Ignore' on your own avatar.

To fix it, go to Settings and unignore yourself.

Good news about the rhubarb!


PS, the site 'my posts' thing is currently broken for everyone - they are working on a fix.

Well done for keeping the rhubarb going, will it eventually need going in the ground, ? I have never grown it, but would like to try, there is a good gardening website called 'MyGardenRHS' they may have some gardening info there.

Hi Lavenderlass and Lyn, enjoy your early rhubarb crumble....MMMMMMM(sorry, couldn't resist it!)

The plants will grow quite happily  in large pots for years, as long as you do not over harvest;  particularly if they are young.

They will need feeding every year, being in pots, and do not let them get dry.

I planted a few for a  mature neighbour who loves rhubarb and she has the pots on the patio near the house. This was two years ago and we covered them over winter and I noticed yesterday that she will enjoy at least ONE crumble soon!


Just in case anyone is suffering from a surfeit of Rhubarb Crumble this spring (unlikely but ...)

this is a wonderful recipe for Rhubarb & Custard cake

you can eat it as cake, or as a pudding, and it keeps well - its easy to make as long as you remember to roast the rhubarb first and is one of the most delicious cakes I know - it makes my OH a very happy man 

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