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Ive read a few threads on other sites that seem to suggest its a nightmare to remove. Any tips and tricks as I have inherited a specimen in my new house and no one in the house eats rhubarb.

Thanks for any replies


Just dig as much of the root up as possible. And pieces left in will sprout up again . Then  remove them.  😊


how deep do the roots normally grow I read 4 foot on 1 site which is very deep. Thanks for the reply

It makes a really nice wine, easy and quick to produce ready to drink in less than two months if you use the dry sugar method.

Cairnsie, I have never had a problem removing rhubarb.

the roots are big but a couple of feet deep is enough to remove them.  

Rhubarb removal really is not difficult 


Can rhubarb experts recommend a sweet variety of rhubarb. I'm in the Dorset area. Thanks.

For me Stockbridge Arrow is unbeatable 


Thanks for the help

Fluffy cloud the best way to get a naturally sweet rhubarb is to force it, though it takes so much energy from the plant that I will need to be replaced every 2 years. 

To make rhubarb taste sweet without so much sugar I bake mine in the oven with honey instead of sticking it in a pan with sugar, then when added to a crumble it keeps its shape better too. 

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