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I planted out one set runner beans last week and the runner bean leaves are changing colour. I'm concerned if it is some fungal disease. The seeds were collected from last year’s crop and stored in a dry place.

The same changes can now also been seen on one of the plants on the other side of the veg plot where I had planted some more runner beans from a different seed. These were raised from seed and grown indoors and planted out 2 weeks ago

I would appreciate any help.

thanks in advance




How do you mean, changing colour?  Can you post photos?


I've had yellowing on quite a few veg plants this spring and I think it is the cold. Some small tomato plants that I was hardening off have had to go back into the greenhouse.

Beans do not get much in the way of fungal disease

You say you grew them indoors-my guess is you just planted them straight out without hardening odd first?

And artjak moving plants backwards and forwards like that is silly-that is what the cold frame is for



 These are Newgreen's runner beans - he was having problems posting the photos.

I think they look as if they weren't hardened off enough and have been 'scorched' either by being too cold or by too much strong sunlight when the leaves were too tender.

Whichever it is, put it down to experience   You'll know better next time.  As for these, they've had a bit of a setback but they should recover.  Mine are only just emerging through the soil as I sowed them direct this year. 



Sounds like they've suffered from the effects of cold. I know this because a beginner friend of mine who is new to the allotment world, her Runner Beans have suffered the same fate. Nowt left of them now.....just stems. Probably the main reason - she didn't harden them off first, for a few weeks. Big mistake !! 


Lazy G, far from being 'silly' I have decided to keep those in the greenhouse from now on, so there!

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