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I've just set up 2 small raised beds in my back garden with a plan to show my 2 year old where food comes from. We are planting carrots, salad leaves, sweetcorn etc. We are both v excited to be trying to grow something we can eat!

My problem is that my garden is full of slugs and snails and I need to keep them away from the veg patch. Any ideas? Nemaslug poss won't work as we have very clay soil here and I don't want to go down the pellets route as I'm worried that she might try to eat/touch them when I'm not watching. 

So, I'm thinking beer traps - but do they just attract even more slugs? does anyone have any child-friendly ideas for slug carnage?

thank you in advance!

Sorry-but I feel you are over cautious-firstly children need to learn that not everything is edible-and slug pellets are in no way palatable -probably once tasted never again- and you would have to eat a helluva lot to be ill

My children never touched them-why would they??

Instead you want to use beer traps??

ha yeah, I hadn't thought about it like that! 

flowering rose

It is best if you have small children to kill slugs by not using poisons .Use the old methods ,salt,put in bucket and dispose.small children will put anything in their mouths and even if they touch it they don't wash their hands .Seeing a child suffer the effects and sometimes die of poisoning is not worth  the risk.Yes teach children about plants and poisons ,that's important but at young age under five they cant understand that.

I doubt that many children are going to pick up a small pellet from the soil and eat it-and how many are they going to eat anyway!!

For goodness sake flowering rose get real and write sense!!

Children are cleverer than you seem to think

There is more danger in the home than in the garden-so unless you can prove otherwise-I stand by what I say




flowering rose

get real your self and stop sticking your head in the  sand .I have seen the results of poisoning and if you think children wont do that ,you have never had a baby or todder .

I have only had three floweringrose-my opinion not count??

No child has ever died from eating a slug pellet-they would have to eat the whole carton-and it is not going to happen-they are unpalatable

Now stop sprouting nonsense that you cant substantiate


I have to admit that I do use slug pellets but, I wish I didnt, Nemaslug should work fine or flour and water traps or physical barriers. It might be quite educational to try different methods.


now now children stop spitting your dummies out what suits one person does not suit another count to ten.


Kids or no kids, I reckon the fewer poisons around the garden the better. Nothing ever does just the job you intended, there are always side effects.

Paint the outside of the containers with bitumenous paint.  Slugs don't like tar.  Try standing the containers on a large patch of gravel.  Slugs don't like crawling over sharp things.  Double bands of copper tape around the tops of the containers - gives slugs an electric shock.

More than one way to skin a cat, more than one way to kill/deter slugs.

I have two children, nearly two and four years old, and haven't had to use slug pellets for a few years.  The fact that the next-door neighbour has a pond with lots of slug-hungry frogs also helps!  I try not to use pellets if I can help it, I don't like slugs and will happily chop them in half with my weeding knife, I just think there are better ways than pellets.  What works for one gardener won't work for another, you have to find a way you are happy with.

If all else fails, patrols at night with a sharp knife/bucket of salty water and a torch will do a good job at controlling numbers.

I, like mummymp, use copper tape, copper rings, standing pots in saucers etc and the salt water in bucket method. Best for environment and non toxic
I use pellets very sparingly in early spring but try to place under foliage or under slates but really don't like them
Children need education though.....plants can be deadly. Chemicals for garden and home can be dangerous.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the advice. Here's hoping all my seeds will actually make it to seedlings so I have something to try and save from the slimey blighters!

I'm going to try nematodes for the first time... Although a bit annoyed to see they're not as effective with snails, though!
muddy mare

Horse hair this year and egg shells working so far



I had a large problem with slugs last year so after using pellets that didnt really work  I ended up using broken egg shell as welland this really worked , just scatter the shell around the base of the plants and the slugs wont go near them..


As a start you could try the iron phosphate pellets. Much safer than the old style ones.

blackest Think these are child and pet safe and fairly readily available.

Trouble is the wholesalers try to push the poisonous ones on GC's. So if ask for slug pellets usually get big expensive poisonous ones sent.  Get that with Compost too, big man size bags rather than the more female friendly ones which are about a third smaller, and about the same cost per litre.

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