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I have successfully grown peas in plastic guttering in the green house and they are now doing well in the veg patch.

After i had sown parsnip and carrot seeds direct i decided to try putting a few into guttering and keeping them in the green house to germinate, has anybody had success with this method or am i being a bit optimistic.


Never heard of doing things with tap roots in guttering, I imagine it will rapidly become too shallow, and tap rooted things don't much care to be transplanted on the whole.  Peas and probably some beans respond well to this as you can just slide the gutter full of seedlings and compost into a ready prepared trench. Let us know how you get on?


i was hoping to slide the whole thing out soon after they germinated before the plants became to big so i hope not to disturb the roots, my guttering is box section so fairly deep, i will let you know how i get on. 


Have only just started experimenting with gutter sowing, looks promising so far but have only tried herbs and saladings to date. On another post, guttering is highly recommended for spring onions.


thanks figrat i will have a look at that



I have to sow alot in guttering including sweet peas.............. I know don't shout, they need a deep root run, but the mice I have, don't appreciate that. But a lot gets grown in strips. I sow all sorts, Carrots, all climbing beans, lettuces, beetroots, swedes, turnips, kohl rabi, a row of annual flowers for the egde of footpaths or borders. You name it, i've grown it all in guttering. Never had a problem and is easy to scrape out into trench when they have grown a little. 


That's good to know thanks, i sow sweet peas in toilet roll innards and that works OK .

Last year my parsnips and carrots sown direct didn't germinate so I'm hoping for better results this year

I have never grown root crops in guttering but have started off peas in them before sliding them off into the beds when big enough. Salad crops are good in guttering especially radish.

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