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Whilst making a casserole last night I went to the back of the cupboard to open the last bag of stored potatoes and got quite a shock to find this! Not sure why it happened to just this one bag as the rest were fine!

As these were grown in our garden last year from garden centre bought seed potatoes, can I use these (heavily chitted!) as seed potatoes this year? If not, can they be put on the compost bin or should I just chuck them? Thanks!



They are well advanced. So long as you had no diseases on them last year, I would use large bags of veg compost or a mix of home made compost and soil, and get them in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel, and look forward to early potatoes. 


If you don't want them do not put them on the compost or you will have potatoes in your compost. If you want to get rid of them, put them in the waste food bin.


I'll have a go at early potatoes then. Fabulous! Every cloud!!


You are so cruel  Those poor spuds are chitting themselves.I'm reporting you to the RSPCP


Don't put them too near your main crop for this year unless you are absolutely sure you didn't have any blight in your potatoes last year. An early crop in the greenhouse is the best idea 

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