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Annie Schofield

Thanks to a friends (bad) advice I left my garlic in the ground too long and although I have a good harvest, they have all shed their protective papery covering.  How will this effect storing them please?  Also, some are sprouting, can I plant these out for next year?

It is about planting time for garlic now so you could use your own home grown ones. Best that they are of a decent size though. The specially prepared ones from the garden centre might give you better results though. I would still store the others in a dark cool cupboard and keep an eye on them. Unless they are damaged in any way then I should think they'll be fine. Good luck

If they are garlic that sprout so early I certainly wouldn't use them again for another crop. I would imagine you don't want garlic that are sprouting before the New Year.

October is usually when I plant mine, but any time up until Spring.

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