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The books, and my experiences of older relatives, say that potatoes should be stored in a cool, frost free and dark area.  It is the darkness which bothers me.  When I leave my shop bought potatoes in a dark cupboard in the kitchen for a relatively short time they sprout.  Hence I am assuming that my winter storing potatoes would do the same if I had such a store.  Why would it be different?  Is it the temperature in the kitchen albeit with the insulation of a door?  If I stored the winter ones in a thick paper sack would that be acceptable?  Thanks

I store mine in the garage in hessian sacks as they need air circulation, the ones from the greengrocers sprout because they have already been in store for some time.

Commercially potatoes are stored in refrigerated bins ( or whatever) just above freezing. Is your kitchen that cold? The fridge might be a better place for small quantities.

Oh good, my crop was fairly small so I decided just to put them in the fridge as I would be using them fairly soon.

Only thing that worries me is keeping them dark - how can I tell if the light goes out when I close the door

(joke, in case someone doesn't spot it)


Not good to store potatoes in a fridge - temps that low convert the starch to sugar and result in rather unpleasant sweet-tasing potatoes.

Commercial potato storage is run at above 8C if I remember correctly (must try to remember to ask brother) to avoid the starch/sugar changes.



Your right dove. As you say any lower and they become frosted and sweet also commercial storage sheds are both temp and humidity controlled. An old larder style cupboard is the way as they had air bricks to let air circulate and an old hessian sack as good as anything to put tatties in.


In my experience the best place to store potatoes on a domestic scale is an outside wash'us or lavvie - but they don't build houses with them any more - shame


Aye like the old larder or kist as we call them in scotland. Where my mum stored all her jams and cakes 

My mum had a meat safe which used to be outside the back door in the cooler months and down the cellar in the summer she never had a fridge until the 1970's, and people today think that they are living in poverty if they don't have all the latest technology, don't get me started! 

I'll move them to a cupboard, although they probably won't be in the fridge long enough to turn to sugar!

can the white woven polypropelean  bags be used instead of hessian sacks ?

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