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these are the smallest strawberries i have ever seen do they get any bigger and what are there uses they are in a large strawberry planter made of plastic in the sunshine


lol Nope, is the shortest answer. Just pick 20 and eat at once. 

thanks they are tasty though

If they have ripened and are red- no they won't get any bigger and you won't get many in a small planter but on the plus side their taste is unique. Alpine strawberries aren't as sweet as the fruit from the usual strawberry plant's sold in most GC's and few supermarkets sell alpine strawberries to eat.

I usually eat mine with cream but was going to try smoothies, yohurts and strawberry cheese cake this year.

Although yours are grown in the sunshine, alpine strawberries will  grow in the shade of tree's, some varieties are called perpetual because the plants in a bed, grown in partial shade, will fruit throughout the growing season. 

Hope this helps. 


Great info Zoomer. I thought of getting some alpines as they always tell you they fruit later than the usual ones but if they'll  grow in a shady spot through the season that's even better 


oh this all sounds helpful and inspiring i will find a bit more shade for them and go and buy some cream putting them in a border my help them to spread and look pretty thank you

they look very good thankyou my main chalange this year is to get to taste one before the kids do they fruit so well its encouraging to see with strawberries.

There are also pineberry and whiteberry varieties. I was going to sow some whiteberries for next year

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