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What should I feed the strawberry plants?


Hi Aileen, by far the easiest thing to do is use a liquid feed.  Tomato feed is ideal.


Yes, the plant puts alot of effort into fruiting so will appreciate some tomato type feed. 

Thanks, appreciate the advice, fingers crossed.

Unless growing stawberries in pots I tend to leave mine. They get a good mulch in the spring and watered when it hasn't rained for a few days, with any brown or yellowing leaves taken off daily.

I've been eating forced strawberries since the beginning of June and the one's in pots are begining to fruit with a watering, when we've had a hot warm day. strawberries in pots need be fed once a week when they start to flower and are happy with tomato feed.  

Hope you enjoy your strawberries, taste so much better with cream...



And if youv'e only got one or two, they go nice in a glass of pimms

Thanks for the advice! Helped me a lot with my strawberries! 

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