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hello i have a 4 year old terrace pearl in a large ceramic pot it flowered after spending sometime in the conservotory but when we put it outside in may it lost its flowers and has leaves but never any fruit we feed and water regularly it is a self fertile dwarf what are we doing wrong

the terrace pearl has flowered twice this year and is now outside in its big pot and I have just purchased a second terrace pearl pear it is smaller of course but I HOPE having  2 now will bring fruit sometime


Fruit trees really need to be left outside in order to blossom at the correct time and so get pollinated by the insects that are also awakened by the onset of spring.  If you allow them to get too warm in a conservatory, they will come into blossom and leaf too early and the shock of then putting them outside will make it fall off, as you have found.  You can bring the pots in during really harsh frosts in the winter to protect the pots from cracking, but put them back outside as soon as it goes above freezing.



Thank you I have had a second lot of flowers since moving the tree out side in its pot and yes it sounds right that I will now leave it outside near the younger tree while the weather is good until December and watch what happens thankyou for your help

We have Terrace pearl pear tree as well. It is 8 years old, sometimes we get some blossom and we have had one pear. It was replanted into the garden about 6 years ago, but clearly something is not right. Is it OK to replant it elsewhere in the garden, or should I put it back into a container? It is sheltered, and gets sun for about half the day.
Many thanks



Personally I would leave it alone. Killing with kindness can be worse than neglect. Pears are very long lived and yours is maybe not just ready to perform.

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