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Hi all i know alot of Gardeners have had issues with different brands of compost this year.Which compost do you all think was the best

Westland light n easy but most composts seem inadequate now

I've wondered the same as I've noticed quite a few different brands this year have been very poor.

yes leggi ive tried  miracle grow and j arthur bowers and both been rubbish


Notice too how the bag sizes have been cut but prices have been held. I think I will go back to John innis composts. I feel these soil less composts are responsible for the increase in vine weevils etc., I experimented one year by mixing half of my soil with half multipurpose compost and they needed less watering and had less problems.

I used Westlands and lots of stuff has not done well in it. But that could be down to the weather conditions. One thing I have noticed is that it does not hold the water well. I can water my pots and it just seems to run through. I shall try mixing MPC with soil next year and see if that makes a difference. The seed compost from them was rubbish as well, with a very poor germination rate even in the greenhouse. We just can't win!

I have noticed westlands light n easy does dry out very quickly. As a mulch though it's very good and slugs n snails don't like it. For the first time a friend ha plants growing free from these pests and I think it's because of its texture and it's drying out tendency. I tried this for her as an experiment and, so far even with all this rain, all her plantsmare fine. She doesn't kill anything, slugs included, so this is quite an achievement.

I find that Murphys compost is very good, but I tend to mix in some John Innis to it.  Unlike Insomnia73 I found B&Q compost not bad.  I also keep all my used compost and add to garden beds when pots have finished flowering, to improve the soil.

Most times u get what u pay for, - I find that when watering pots, e.g. Toms, it's better to give a little water 2 or 3 times with maybe half hpour inbetween. Then the water and nutrients tend not to run out the bottom as much. Also I try not to let the pots get too dry as the compost draws away from the pot sides and lets water run through.

ASDA have some wetlands seedling compost on offer ( £1.50 for 20 Ltrs) it looks good so I bought 4 packs for next Spring and this Autumn.


Lavender Lady

I have been using J Arthur Bowers and B & Q compost this year.  I know there has been a lot of people complaining about the B & Q compost but I have found it to be really good, I've had excellent results with it an no complaints.  Maybe they used a different supplier for a while and have changed again, I don't know.  Like the sound of the Asda offer, will look for that next time I'm in there.


i did use j arthurs but foundi got loads of weeds and things growing it in.. i now use westlands and it is fine.. i store mine in a black dustbin and when i open it i can spell the sterilization of it.. no weeds etc in this one.. i have not found it dries out quick thou i water every evening and morning.. so maybe that why.

for my toms etc in greenhouse they are sat in seed tray with no  holes and kept topped up so they never run out.. i also like annie5 put all used compost on the garden or in the compostor..

@slaphead08.. wish our Asda was alrady built.. i love the place and would greatly appreciate taht offer.. as i have westlands best for value and planting this year.. thou i do go and buy some from our local tip..they recycle our waste and then sell it.. bit dearer but very good.. used it for the veg plot and added to pots of perennial plants this year.. i also give them a seaweed feed through the summer as they need a little extra..


Trouble with Asda is that it is now wholly owned by the huge American company, Wallmart - who treat their emplyees and suppliers dreadfully - so they went with Nestle and Dole into my little black book of no-no's.  However, this is not rthe forum for that rant.  Regarding composts, all have been far poorer than of old, some B&Q rather better than some - I got some of last years stuff and that was OK.  Their version of John Innes was OK, but their specialised orchid compost is nothing like any orchod compost I have seen before - just dark dusty stuff, none of the lumps and bumps orchid compost usually has.   For weight in pots and baskets this year I have used JI No1 half half with multi purpose - worked well so far.  Mind, with all the rain we had earlier,  watering ifn the earlier stages was much easier!  Have noticed some lightweight composts about, not tried yet but maybe will for some pots, mixed with loam based - must be better to carry home at any rate. 

Miss Becks

Annie5, you misunderstood me. I just posted the link to the larger thread about composts. I have never used B&Q compost, so can't comment on that one.

Usually going for the cheapest, I've tried four different one's this year as the first batch was rubbish.

Lidl's compost initally seemed good, very black, smelled ok, well rotted down and had very little if any debris in it. Potted plants- veg and flowers- have done well and it's held water. After a few weeks though when the remaining opened bag was used, although sealed at the top with pegs there was a strong smell of amonia, made a mental note if using Lidl compost to use it ASAP.

No complaints with Murphy's compost, used 3 bags. Slightly more expensive than what I would spend but bought 3 for the price of 2.   

Greenline from Aldi-usually very reliable was ok, did have woody bits in and some plastic but on balance would purchase it again.

I mixed bought compost though with home made compost, (until it ran out) and added FBB or growmore depending on what was going in the pot. Also added perlite into the mix to retain water and pots have had seaweed added as a mulch.


Zoomer I like you have used aldi's compost this year after being very disappointed with b&q's quality last year. I did find a small woody bits & a little plastic but on the whole a very good compost. The seedlings I have been growing this year have done surprisingly well considering its price ??1.99!

So will try aldi's compost again next year unless I find a better alternative at a reasonable price.

: ) Jem

anybody else noticed if westland light n easy compost has an effect on slugs?



As this is the latest thread on compost-

just seen an advert that Wickes have reduced their 70L bags by half to £1.99-if it can be stored in a dry place it should be ok for next year-that is what they are likely to do- and charge full price next spring in any case.

So it is a judgement call

Got Wicks compost this year good value but dissapointed with quality dries out very quickly, seems lacking in nutrients.


It got a lot of poor reviews on its site and elsewhere-they changed the formulation this year-I found it ok for containers-that is why I say-judgement call