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Dairmuid Meredith

Hi all this may seem a strange question but i was wondering about keeping tomato plants for a second year. The reason behind this is i manage a garden project and we havd a large polytunnel with several tomato plants in it. Some of the plant stems are  sending out what appear to be roots. I wondered if layering one would result in new plants growing from the old stem? Can anyone advise or enlighten me?

many thanks



Honestly-no -it is not worth the effort- and no you will not get a new plant from layering.

The best place is the compost heap -start afresh next year.

Well as you're so far North, I think your best bet is to compost them now, then they can contribute to next year's crop. You might be able to keep them ticking over, with artificial light and industrial amounts of heating. But best to let them come back to the plot in another form next year.
Dairmuid Meredith

Thanks. they will make a good contribution to compost heap.

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