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Hi, I've got a few extra tomato plants left over and I'm going to give them to my mother in law. But I've only got muli-purpose compost and tub&basket compost left, is it okay just to use this or should I get a fruit&veg bag to pot them up? Also, is it okay just to pot herb in tubs using a muli-purpose or tub&basket or would it be better to get the fruit&veg compost bags. Thanks in advance x

I only ever use multipurpose compost for my tomatoes and they do fine. I mix it with garden soil but that's more for warter retention that nutrition. As long as they are fed and watered regularly they won't mind. As for the herbs - it depends which ones. Things like rosemary and tarragon prefer poor soil.


There is no need to buy in extra composts-either of the ones you have will do the job.

Oh thank you for replying.

I do have some tarragon to plant, what's best then?

Either of the ones you have- just don't overfeed.

Honestly I never buy in specalist composts-a good multipurpose does the job.



As long as the pH is on the slightly acid side the toms will be fine.

Green Magpie

Most herbs are not fussy about soil/compost, as they grow very well in the wild with no cossetting. Tomatoes wil be fine in multi-purpose, although they will need feeding eventually, especially if they're kept in pots, regardless of the compost you use.

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