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Orchid Lady

Hi, I was looking for some advice in my tomatoes and came across this thread so hope you don't mind me posting a question.

I have had very limited success with tomato growing in the past and I think my seedlings are now ready for potting on.  I have attached a picture, ease could someone tell me.  I'm never sure what is meant by '2 true leaves' but am assuming they are the leaves after the initial germination leaves (I can't think of a better way of putting it!

Also, if I pot them on now, are they ok in the unheated GH, it hasn't dropped below 7c for the last few nights?



Yes they look just right for potting on Tracey, however I would'nt leave them in the GH overnight as it will be too big a shock.

If it was me I would keep them indoors for a couple of days after potting on then gradually put them out in the GH during the day and bring back at night if the temp drops.

After a while they will be ok to survive overnight in the GH but might need fleecing if it suddenly turns cold.


Orchid Lady

That's great, thank you Scroggin  I will repot them tomorrow, might do the cucumbers and aubergines (in the same tray) while I'm at it 

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