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I planted tomato seeds a while back and although they have sproute they have about nearly four leaves now, I have them in my bathroom to try and keep them warm and also this room gets the sun when we have any!  However, they have not really produced much growth and I am feeling it is going to be a year like last year when everything was really late, is there anything I can do to push them on a bit,  Should I perhaps feed them?


They need potting on into individual pots- you can bury the stems up to the seed leaves-well lit warm conditions is what they need to get them going.

seaside oldie

Warmth is the thing as sotongeoff says, wouldn't start to feed until first fruits develop otherwise may get lots of leaf and not much else.

Hmm. Mine are just about doing ok, peppers are pathetic. They've all been potted on, leaves look healthy and green, but they are just so slow! Thinking of putting them in heated propagator (without lid) in the gh to give them a bit of bottom heat. Any thoughts on this?
seaside oldie

Likewise figrat, Toms are OK, first flowers only just appearing, but peppers both the ones I grew from seed and ones I bought are pathetic things!  Would try the bottom heat, if your are like mine they can't get much worse.



Have put them in - will report back! I don't think it can do any harm...


It could make the peppers hotter


Bottom heat won't help them any more than an appropriate ambient temperature. Temps in at least the high teens is what they need, but, more importantly, as much bright natural light as they can get.

My toms are all planted out now, but, a month or so ago, I had them in my small portable plastic greenhouse on the terrace during the day. It was sunny but cool, and even with the door open the plastic trapped enough warmth to satisfy them. The light, though, was the key. They boomed. I brought them inside overnight.

Peppers simply take longer than toms in every way, shape and form. With the toms already planted out, my peppers - germinated at exactly the same time - are still only about 2 inches high.


Hi Italophile!

My toms have been in the greenhouse all the time...maybe it's the gloomy weather that's making them light deprived.

Glad to hear your peppers are nearly as weedy as mine!


My Tomato plants came to a full stop as well but they are moving a bit now  I put it down to the weather!

Pam x

Green Magpie

I wonder if I dare put mine out in the ground now? I'm in Devon and the tomato bed is quite sheltered and sunny. The plants have been in 3-inch pots in a a mini-greenhouse for a couple of weeks and have had regular daytime excursions to get them used to the sun and wind.  I'd like to get them into the ground as they are quite big and strong - one variety even has flower buds starting. But I normally wait until near the end of May, and don't want to lose them to the cold. Am I just being impatient?

Have you got a cloche or similar that you could put over them? I'm in Devon too, won't be putting mine out for another couple of weeks. I have got some dwarf French beans out though, under cloches at night and they're fine.

8th May today-have just seen the forecast it is supposed to become warmer and drier after Friday-you could risk it but it might still be a bit chilly at night

Personally -I would wait for a couple of weeks-why not pot them on in the meantime into bigger pots-if it does get cold you can protect them, if they are in pots- in the ground it is going to make it more tricky.

Have some patients with you're toms don't feed til the first trus of flowers ,keep them warm if you can.



My tomato plants are doing quite well and are in pots, they are about 6/8" high with quite a few leaves. Do I put them into growbags now or do they have to flower first?

Hi Loz, i would pot them on into larger pots first to let them grow bigger and stronger before planting into grow bags-they dont have to flower to do this though. When transfering to grow bag water in well as with all plants....then when first flowers show...leave them go short on water for a few days...then water again as normal(1-2 times daily depending) and feed with general-purpose feed and you should see good results..let me know how it goes

oopsi....was a little impatient DB9, transferred them into growbags at 15.40pm because I couldn't wait.....hope they will be ok, they look quite comfy now! will keep you up to date on them. Thanks for the advise

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