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tony williams2

I have a 3 year old Victoria Plum dwart patio tree in a large pot on my patio, it is producing fruit, but some look normal and others look strange shaped - is there a reason for this, and do i need to thin out the fruit that is appearing?

Thank you for your help - Tony




Those are not going to make successful fruit - not sure what's gone wrong there - possibly underwatering?

Or .... what sort of compost is it in and what feeding regime have you followed?

tony williams2

Thanks for your reply, it seems to have taken hold very quickly, will try removing what I can and then treating.


Oh dear, have you got it again this year? Or rather has your plum tree got it again?



That's the effect of one of the Taphrina fungi.

Is that what the link is?

I get that on my Prunus padi but as I'm not looking for fruit I've never looked for a cure.

That's not very helpful, sorry

Poor pollination also causes mis-shapen fruit. This can be due to a lack of pollinating insects at blossom time, or a night frost when the flowers are open.

You can aid pollination in future seasons by going round with a soft haired brush and doing the job by hand. 

Hope that helps.


we have been given a Duo plumb tree and a Duo Cherry trees which I have planted in

large pot with Fruit  and shrub compost. Do they trees need feeding at any stage?

thank you.


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