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Hi all,

thanks for allowing me to join and take part on this lovely site.

I moved in to my home in May this year and found i have two vines growing up a pergola at the back of the garden.

They produced a surprising amount of grapes - I could not believe the haul!

But I am unsure as to how to prune - I have read stuff, but they talk of horizontal wires and I'm generally confused!

I have added pics of the vines; i don't want to disturb them from producing such a good haul next year (I have made my first batch of wine!) - the grapes were smaller than ones in the shops, but very sweet and juicy.

I'm in Runwell, Essex. Any help is much appreciated.

Wow, 282 views and not one response.

Either none of you know anything about growing vines, or you're selfish pricks.

I have been given the answer on another forum, where the individuals were welcoming and helpful.


Lucky you! Look on the RHS site for vines. There is a lot of information about pruning.

i think your comments are nasty, calling the helpful people on here “selfish pricks”. I’ve only just seen this post, it missed me and I am a regular. I suspect most posters on here have little or no experience of growing grapes.

Grow up David.

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