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We have a walnut tree in this new garden and OH has gathered what he can and is sitting shelling them while watching golf. 

Would love suggestions for using and/or storing them as I've only ever bought walnuts as I need them and prefer pecans for baking anyway.


Dry them and store them in their shells.  Use with goats cheese, figs, honey and chicory or in cakes and sweetmeats.

Next year pick some while you can still get a darning needle through the green husk and brine and pickle them 

Goat's cheese, beetroot & walnut tart is delicious!  Good source of Omega 3 oils too


Thanks Butternut.  I was wondering what to do for lunch.   Sorted.

What do I do with a pickled walnut Dove?   Not really a fan of vinegary things but I expect OH will love them.    Need to get this gas oven malarchy sorted before I try cakes.



Eat them with a pork pie, smoked gammon, cold sliced Petit salé and stilton - I love them, but some people find them a bit OTT - best check with OH and perhaps get him to try one if he's not had them before - they're a bit of a faff to make if no one's going to enjoy them.  They're not easy to come by and usually only appear in the shops around now in the run up to Christmas.  


Bit of a technical hitch there Dove - no pork pies, gammon or Stilton round here.......


Thought as much Obelixx - probably the reason I don't live in France   

But there should be some Petit Salé - and Roquefort might do - and you have the wonderful Jambon de Vendée ... and you could always make a pork pie when you get that oven sorted out .... 


The tart turned out very well.  Thanks again Buttercup.  

Dove, I have never attempted hot thingy pastry in my life but I have told myself I will crack the whole pastry thing in the next year or so now I have so much free time previously devoted to running the dance club.   Today's tart was ready made and ready rolled so I have a way to go.

OH likes pickled anything and andouillettes so clearly a man of undiscerning taste buds.  He'll happily sit and prick green walnuts if he can have sport on TV.

I've found Vendée raised beef - excellent; wines - mediocre so far; veggies grown in sand - specialty of the coastal plain and very good; chuck from Challans - also very good.   Locally reared pork is very good so I'll keep an eye out for hams.   

Obelixx says:

... OH likes pickled anything and andouillettes so clearly a man of undiscerning taste buds.  ....


 No Obelixx you are mistaken (and it's not often that anyone says that on this forum )   that makes him a chap of the utmost discernment and gastronomic refinement in my books  - I love andouillettes - absolutely luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve them 


Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

Can't stand the smell of them so he knows he can only eat them when out and not with me.   

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