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I planted some leeks at the weekend in my little wooden trough. How often should I water them please? Should I mulch them with some bark too? Thankyou 😊


Are you in the UK? It's very late to be planting leeks if you are. They won't grow very much now as winter will be upon us soon.

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Yes they were on sale at the garden centre...... my first time at growing veg and I've failed already!!πŸ˜³πŸ™„

Well, you haven't actually failed yet - leeks are quite a long term veg as such and are really best in the ground IME.

If they are only small, they will sit in your trough and put some growth on in the Spring.  If they are outside and the weather is wet, no need to water at present.  Much depends on your location, depth of trough, how many you planted, size of plants, etc.

The other way to look at is is that you will now know what  not to plant at this time of year 

Ok thankyou. All trial and error I suppose.πŸ˜„


Well I would say only water them if the soil feels dry to touch. Don't mulch them - they aren't especially greedy. If we get a mild spell - and there is one forecast for some parts of the UK in the next couple of weeks - they may grow a little. Eat them as baby leeks between now and when you see hard frost forecast or cross your fingers and see if they come through - they might - to next spring.

They aren't the easiest veg to start with. Order some garlic or elephant garlic and buy some broad bean seeds, look for some small winter lettuce or oriental greens in the Garden centre - all of which could be planted/sown now in amongst your baby leeks.

That sounds like a plan Raisingirl, thankyou. I didn't know where to start or what to start with.

lovegardening77 says:

I didn't know where to start or what to start with.

See original post

 At this time of year, you can plant onions, garlic, shallots and spring onions, perpetual spinach or chard, autumn sowing types of broad beans and peas, winter salads and oriental greens. It's a bit late to be sowing seed for any of these except the beans and peas, but if you get small plants either in the garden centre or online, they'll grow on well enough and any of them can be grown in containers. If you grow garlic or elephant garlic in your trough, you will need to watch the watering if we get a long dry spell, to go back to your original question. None of them need the sort of regime that summer veg like tomatoes require, and will all be fine as long as it's raining every few days (more usually every day  ). 

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