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 Whilst out walking with the dogs I came across this shrub bearing red cherry like fruits.

I have scoured the Internet and cannot seem to find it.

Is it edible?


That leaf looks like laurel.


flowering rose

dont try looks like laural and the only laural you can use for cooking is the bayand thats useing the leaves all other laurals are poisonous.


Confusing that Laurus nobils, bay, is never called laurel but all  those things that are prunus or aucuba are called laurel



I have no idea but if birds have left it alone I wouldn't even touch it.

I don't think the fruit is poisonous.

Some years ago I thought it was, so tried to find evidence, but could not. Today on the web I can't find any evidence either; in fact, two sites say the fruit IS edible. I am discounting the article in the Daily Mail (17 August 2013) where Monty Don says "every part of the plant is poisonous".

Having said that, the leaves and the pip of the fruit are poisonous.

Do not bother eatng the fruit though; it is insipid and can be bitter.


if we called plants by the proper names we wouldn't have so much trouble

Prorsus adsentior, nut. 

I agree.

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