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I would like to start planting for spring/summer fruit and veg but i have containers. Can anyone advise what would be a good idea? 


Not a lot can be planted at this time of year, but now is the perfect time to sow broad beans variety Aquadulce 'Claudia', to overwinter and provide an earlier crop than spring sown seeds. I shall be sowing mine today. 


  I spoke too soon - the heavens have just opened and it's too wet underfoot to go onto the veg patch -  but the next fine day will be Broad Bean Sowing Day.

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The most important thing you need to consider is: are you actually going to eat the produce? It is tempting to throw 50 garlic cloves in the ground (I do mine on the shortest day of the year) but if you don't like garlic... what a waste of space.

So sit down with your family and then decide what you would actually eat. Once you have this list a quick google will give you planting guides. I like use Black Moore Nursery to look at different plants as it (in my eyes) has a large selection including varieties more suited to pots and containers.

Also: don't be tempted to plant the cheapest plants for the sake of planting. The best bit of growing your own (aside from the strawberries that NEVER make it back into the kitchen) is choosing wisely so that you grow food that is on the more expensive isle in Tesco. Look at your space and decide how best to use it.

Slightly out of date thread 



So it is!!!  But it appeared on my phone early this morning - must've been a glitch with the downloading of the site this morning.  

Still, better late than never - at least we haven't totally ignored Emma's query 


Oh how queer Verdun! It appeared on my phone as a latest post before Dove posted so it must have been the website playing silly devils. Odd since I thought the website had deleted so many old posts (especially this age) when it was upgraded: would have been an ideal time for a declutter.

michael mpc

   hi anybody  and all         I was going to try a new type of seed potatoe  called kondor   but on reading the bits about it it seems it is not as good as I thought any one tried them ( before I order )   I use cara and they seem to be one of the best for ell worm/scab /and others 2 tics on all in the books )  thanks for any replies        Michael

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