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I'm impressed with what everyone's growing, what a good thread, little of a lot is my thinking then if something doesn't grow well the disapointment is over shadowed by the successes.

Nin - wow, how big is your house, I've been limited this year starting stuff off indoors as friends came to stay over Easter, usually the back bedroom is full of seedlings, it's been a real juggling act, sowing later in the GH. I've had to really cut down on the number of plants for the GH.

The allotment has been a priority this year, it's so different in terms of the number of different veggies and amounts you can grow, than growing in a limited space in the back garden although I've loved growing stuff in bags, pots and in the back garden beds...  


Nin are your neighbours vampires? I have visions of you using a machete in your bedroom to get to your wardrobe Such a wonderful variety, keep us posted on how they do.



Oh I forgot the 4 gooseberry bushes, black currents, pears, quinces, damsons, rhubarb and about 12 different herbs; my favourite at the moment is winter savoury.


Zoomer my house is a tiny 2.5 bedroom house and there are 5 of us to feed

My dinning room is packed as are all the thankfully deep windowsills.

artjack, I live almost at the end of the met line m25 commuter belt, neighbours are all what we refered to in the 80's 90's as yuppies or wannabe yuppies anyway, gardens are for huge patios, over priced chimneas and drinking wine in. I dont think half of them would know a white rose from a piece of clover in the lawn.

Oh well winning the lottery tonight and moving to Suffolk, but i say that every week.

Did i mention the red currents, pink current, black current and white current, goosegogs and the wineberrie.


art - I'm already healthy. I may be Scottish but I  don't deep fry everything - I find the lettuce burns....


I often say that too (although not Suffolk!) but I'd need to start playing the lottery 

 I grow what I like to eat - mainly some salad crops, toms and strawberries, but I don't want  a huge veg patch here as it would be a compromise too far.  I simply don't have enough time either, but maybe once I eventually retire, and stop moving house....



Toms 3 varieties, cumbers, peas, shallots, garlic, spinach, kale x2, chard, runner beans, climbing french beas x2 , courgettes, beetroot, salad leaves & lettuces, radishes, 1st & 2nd early spuds, watercress, rocket, carrots, garlic chives, winter sprouting broccoli, herbs, strawberries.  


This year I'm mainly growing onions!  I do have some raspberries in but they are letting me know they don't like where they are - too wet over the winter. For the last few years I have wanted to try growing some veg but it just didn't happen for various reasons.  So this year I decided no matter what I would grow something, so onions it is . . . . and rescuing raspberries.  At least its a start.  I' m still in the process of digging new veg beds, so I'll be pleased if I manage to get them done ready for next year.

Here goes my list

Planted so far, parsnips, onions, both autumn and spring planted. Potatoes, broccoli,  little gem lettuce. Spinach beet, chard, beetroot, radish, spring onions,  carrots,  salad leaves. Garlic,  turnips.


Still growing on in the greenhouse are cucumbers,  tomatoes,  squash, courgettes, sweet peppers, leeks, cauliflowers.


Have ordered swertcorn plants and dwarf french beans. Only one out of 12 of my french beans have come up which I setmyself. 

Also have a fab patch of strawberries,  raspberries both summer and autumn. Trees, apple, plum and pear which were only planted early on this year. I also have a blackcurrant and possibly something else I inherited, but not sure what it is.

Have also started to set various seeds for cut flowers. 

Phew, I have more than I thought! 


Oh I forgot my rhubarb too - probs because I've not had a crop from it yet.  Early days for me with fruit & veg.

Orchid Lady

I forgot my rhubarb too!!   Sorry rhubarb 

 My veg patch x


Have ended up with over 40 toms so might need to find homes lol 


Is anyone growing the Tuscan Black Kale  ?  This is my first time with this particular variety...........just planted 8 in my allotment last week. It looks pretty good but was wondering if it was as good a variety as the ordinary ?



First time I grew toms there must have been 40 plus seedlings, narrowed it down to 15 this year but only have room for 8 or 10 tops.

Sorry can't help with the kale.  


Wow, you lot are growing loads.

We have been a bit limited because this is the first year we are growing and our veg plot is very clsy based. However, attempting to grow:








Parsnips and carrots in big tubs

Tomatoes in grow bags

Cucumber in greenhouse

Runner Beans in pots

More experimental this year to see what will grow. Was advised potatoes help will clay bssed soil, so hope this is right as we have quite a few rows if them.


AllotmentMax, I treat French Beans as semi-tropical; germinate in g/house or heated propagator or warm windowsill with cling film or other plastic cover on top. I would not expect much from soil outside. Though I can't see your location, you could be in the Channel Islands

Mark, I too have heard that potatoes will loosen up clay soil, but don't grow them or tomatoes in the same place next year

Philippa, have grown Black Kale before, don't know if it was Tuscan; brilliant crop! is looking good  and am looking forward to it


Oooh, I forgot the Figs, for the first year I may have more than one fig, I have followed advice on this forum (possibly Dove) and though I have not cleared the pot of variagated ivy and a form of perennual alisom, I have been feeding it and this has paid off; I may be buying 3 slices of Parma Ham to have with figs this year!


Apart from spuds (4 varieties, 20 of each), I've gone for more variety and less quantity this year.  10 types of tomato, 5 types of sweet pepper, 2 types of chilli, broad, runner, yardlong & French beans, 5 types of winter squash, summer pumpkin, cucumber, red & white onions, shallots, cabbage, 5 types of lettuce, mangetout, leeks, sweet potatoes, parsnips, 5 types of carrot.  On the fruit front, 2 types of blackberry, 4 types of raspberry, 6 types of blueberry, 2 types of honeyberry, gojiberry, gooseberry, 2 types of plum, 5 types of apple, 2 types of cherry, 6 types of strawberry, lingonberry, worcesterberry, wineberry, chokeberry.  I don't have a massive garden so not quite sure how I've managed to squeeze all that lot in!  

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