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Good philosphy OL. You've had a go at so many new things this year and we all live & learn.

I find that with my veggies some things have great years others not so good. It's disappointing when things fail but not the end of the world. I take a more relaxed view these days, if they do well great if not tough luck.

In my GH the Gardener's delight are doing fine, few grotty leaves have been removed, the St.Pierre are pants, they've had the same care, so I just won't grow them again ...That'll teach them !   The outdoor ones grown in buckets, which are an outdoor variety but I don't know what, so are called Dave after chap who gave me the first plant, are doing very well and will ripen before GH ones. If something were to happen to them I'd have a bit of a sulk but would try and think that at least I don't have to water them   & I have some seed left fom last year that I can use for next.

I find tomatoes absolutely fascinating plants but there is a problem with an awful lot of contradictory advice about how to deal with various problems as well as the general growing care of the plants. Like Dove I only water my toms when they show signs of needing it, I give a feed when the first fruit have set (if they're in fairly poor soil like at my allotment) but haven't yet fed my greenhouse toms as they were potted up in good compost a few weeks ago and really don't look like they need it. That part though is down to personal choice, last year there was a chap on GW who grew his plants in half a normal sized pot of compost, he fed and watered every day and his fruit looked (and apparently tasted) delicious. I don't have the time, expertise or inclination to do that myself though, so I stick with what's worked for me so far and carry on learning.

I will say that there's a whole lot of extremely knowledgeable people on here who are a godsend when Google is of little use, Italophile in particular really knows his stuff and has kindly offered me his advice in the past. I guess we're all on a quest to enjoy that wonderful flavour of homegrown tomatoes and it's lovely to learn about them and read people's tips along the way.
Orchid Lady

Thanks Leggi and I agree totally.  I had already read the articles that Buddyboy showed me before I came asking for help, articles are great but you can't beat 'speaking' to people who have experience of the problems themselves and have years of knowledge  I was actually secretly hoping Italophile would pop up and help me as I'd heard he was a bit of a whizz with tomatoes  

Anyway, I have done as I said above with the exception of feeding them Epsom salts as I need to go and get some and have been busy cutting bushes!!  Repotting an established tomato plant is easier said than done so I hope I haven't damaged the roots, I was careful 


OL, I'd wait till that sickly plant has been potted up into a bigger pot with good quality potting mix before worrying about Epsom salts. Good quality mix will contain the nutrients the plant needs.

After repotting the plant, I'd isolate it from the others. There are definite signs of early blight on the leaves and possibly also something like septoria leaf spot.

Don't fret about repotting. You just about have to cut the roots off a tomato plant to kill it. I've been AWOL from the forum because I was dragged kicking and screaming back to Sydney for a month's holiday I didn't want. A neighbour kindly agreed to look after the watering for me while away. I had 5 plants that had been in the ground for about 3 weeks. The plants were up on one of the garden terraces. Rather than her having to drag the hose up steep steps and along a terrace to water the toms, I dug them up and stuck them into pots of compost on the terrace for her to water more easily. They were fine. Yesterday I put them back into the ground where they came from. Today they're fine again.

Toms are very sturdy plants that will survive all sorts of handling and even mishandling.

Orchid Lady

Thanks again everyone.  It's not a competition to see who knows most, I just wanted some help and know from previous posts that Italophile is a bit of a tomato expert, I don't know everyone who is an expert in every topic of gardening or who has what qualifications, sometimes experience can count for more anyway.

Glad you said that about the Epsom salts Ital because I can't find any today anyway!!  I'll let the plant get settled in it's new home 



KEF, I grew St Pierre many years ago. Lovely looking fruit, only so-so flavour. Never grew them again. You won't miss much.



Italophile  they'll probably pull their socks up now I've named & shamed them.


OL get your Epsom salts off ebay if you need them £5 for 10kg free postage. Boots in town are £1.49 for 200g !!!!!!!!!!!

Orchid Lady

Thanks Edd, I was going to have a look online tonight 

Orchid Lady

Well, I checked my plant this morning and lost another fruit. I've also noticed that the are a lot of flowers that have gone but no fruit has grown, therefore I come to the conclusion that it's something more serious and with only 3 fruits left now (although there is another truss of flowers) I'm wondering whether to just dispose of the plant?

I've also come to the conclusion overnight (whilst lay awake thinking like you do!) that although we can know the broad basics of diseases and problems that we can relate to plants, the 'symptoms' may not always be the same. We all have different growing conditions, different soil, different varieties, different climates, differing levels of expertise - all these (in my opinion) affect the growth of our fruit, vegetables and other plants. I suppose basically what I'm trying to say is there isn't one rule that fist all and we should be mindful of that. Also, from comments I've read, it doesn't matter how much of an expert you are, these things can happen - which makes me feel much better knowing it's not just me that's useless, it's nature 

Thanks again everyone.


Which plant is this, OL? The ailing one in the second photo?

Orchid Lady

The one that the whole thread is about Italophile, it's the same plant.....dodgy fruit and leaves  All my others seem ok, I did repot it as you said but I'm not sure whether to just call it a day 


Give it a chance, OL. It will take a while to settle into its new home. Ditch it now and you'll never know!

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