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What's the strangest thing you have grown in a pot, wether it is a strange/rare variety or just a strange thing to grow in a pot that you had success with. Hoping you guys will give me some good ideas for my balcony too!

 Well I don't know if you'd count it as a success, but nutured what I though was an exotic geranium which when it flowered was...a field buttercup.

I nutured a thistle once!  I was told I couldn't grow sweetcorn in a pot.  So I bought a pot of seedlings and planted them in a reasonable sized pot, they have grown well and I am waiting for six cobs to ripen - not bad, as i did plant them late, IN A POT, and lost a few of the seedlings. As I have a small flower garden, I grow runner beans in a pot too.

Pennine Petal
Hi Matt, what do you want to grow veg or flowers or both? Does your balcony get much sun? Herbs, lettuce, tomatoes ....... When I have been in Holland there are lots do wonderful balconies with plants. You could put boxes on the railings. Have you seen those lovely flower boxes on the railings around the ring road in Hudds town centre, they look lovely.

This year I grew some Eddoes in a pot - they turned into a lovely foliage plant

Pam LL x



Alina W

I once nurtured a dock....

Haha Alina, hi petal, I have seen those boxes on the railings yes, struggling to find something for the rail of my balcony really, don't really like the ones that sit on top (usually in bright colours) trying to find some to hang on the inside of the railing. I currently have growing Thyme, parsley, 3 different types of salad leaves, a blueberry bush, a patio apple tree, strawberrys, pine berry and even an olive tree. I've done broad beans, peas, beetroot, courgettes and chillies this year with varied success. We get from about 3 hours direct 'sun' in winter to 6 hours in summer. I'd like to make as much use of the space as possible with mainly edible/useful plants. Any ideas/products would be greatly appreciated.

Many years ago when i worked in as florist a lady came in with this little plant she said she had taken a cutting and really nurtured this little plant. Turned out it was a potato she insisted it wasnt but it was really.

Haha, I can see why that would be confusing if it had the little green fruits on.

The lady wes really upset didnt help us all laughing. Got my come uppance though i was cleaning a display bench and a giant cactus fell on me and pinned me to the bench.

Took ages getting all the prickles out and hated cacti ever since

hollie hock

I have nutured weeds thinking they were seedlings, I have some in my coldframes and nutured them for months thinking they were seedlings of particular plants

I think virtually anything can be grown in a pot, though some plants will need bigger pots than others.    I have seen roof gardens which are all pots and twelve foot high trees growing!

Gary Hobson

I am intentionally growing stinging nettles in pots...

This idea was demonstrated by a butterfly expert on a TV program from one of the RHS shows a few months ago. If you live in the country where nettles abound, it doesn't make a lot of difference, But if you live in an urban area where nettles are unpopular, nettles in pots can provide valuable food for many species of butterfly caterpillars. It was recommended that the pots are placed in the centre of flower beds.



@gary.. yes that is right..i have them growing all through my garden as well as giant clover.. it is great with montbreatia? i have added alot of native wild flowers to my garden this and will add few more next year to encourage more insects and wildlife into my garden. we had loads of bees this year so it is working.


sorry strangest looking plant i have in a pot is a spindle tree plant.. the dees pods are fantastic.

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