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As i am new to this veg growing when do i harvest  Beetroots  the spring onions i will be lucky if i get  8 dont know what happened with them

lettuce and french beans doing great


I prefer to harvest my beetroot when they're between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball - they're nice and tender this way.  Some people prefer to leave them to get a bit bigger.  Just scrape a little soil away from around the leaves and see how big one of them is getting, to give you an idea how they're getting on.  

Try another sowing of spring onions - they might do better now the soil has warmed up. 


Depends how big you like your beetroot ,I harvest when they are about they are slightly bigger than a golf ball,it is a matter of preference,remember if you let them get too big they will bolt and be woody,so keep an eye on them. 

Hi thankyou  Dove and Gillyl it all sounds easy when people like you guys explaine it

again thankyou  i will have another go at the onions



Hi no problem Dove my Courgettes again first time have three to four flowers on them pretty happy with that also planted more spring onion seeds

watch this space



Hi JB I started growing veg last year and I had about 8 lovely Courgettes off my plant and even built myself a raised veg bed and everything is doing really well and as I have grown them all from seed I feel chuffed that they have grown.....

Its very rewarding when all goes well and if they dont go so well then you learn by it andhave another go thenext year.

Good luck

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