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When we arrived in October we found a large and very healthy fig tree with not a single fruit so, after leaf drop, I pruned away all the low branches trailing on the ground and all the weak, broken and crossing stems higher up and gave it a pep talk.

It responded by producing hundreds of little figs, most of which had swelled to about 3cms by last week.   Lots of excitement as we love fresh figs.

Today we noticed there isn't a single fruit left of any size.  No fruits on the ground and no visible insect pests.   Could it be mice or pigeons?  We have two dogs and two cats so you'd think not unless the thieves come at dawn before they're up and out.


I had one  measely fig and a squirrel nicked it


That's hard B3.  No squirrels here.


It was- rock hard!



So were ours and some were still only pea-sized.  It's bl**dy frustrating.

We have a baby in the wilderness part of teh garden.  I'm tempted to dig it up on the autumn and plant it in a fruit cage!

My bet would be it's been birds.


Hope you didn't get a tummy upset Bob.  They were rock hard still.

I suspect birds too Mary as we have wood pigeons and turtle doves about and lots of small brown jobs.  Too big to net so it'll be a fruit cage in the potager and a new fig tree just for us!

This is very strange because we have a large fig tree that always produces loads of fruit. A couple of weeks ago when I looked there were plenty forming but now they have all disappeared. The birds don't usually nick them until they are ripe in the autumn. Very strange indeed!


Curioser and curioser!

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