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Hi, Ive just moved into a flat (renting) that has access to a small garden and have spent the bank holiday preparing a small vegetable plot. Ive now planted the 'usual' suspects.. potatoes, chard, corgettes, spinach, runner beans, cucumbers  etc..and have a small plastic greenhouse that my tomato's are in. Next door is a sercurity company, and this building backs onto my garden. At night, two bright 'security' light come on that shine over my veggie patch... Will this effect my plots performance (the plant possibly thinking their getting 24hr sunshine? The 2 lights are of a typical orange hue... 

Advice is appreciated..

With regards,

jon (veggie patch).



Doubt if the light is bright enough to affect plant growth. Might be interesting for nighttime wildlife watching. 


The lighting won't have any effect, vp.

wonder if the slugs and snails will be deterred at all by the light ,hope so

Sadly they never have been by either the security light, which the foxes put on often, nor the street lights - they only disturb me!


Thankyou for all your responses.. I'll pop up a photo soon to show the progress, and a photo at 'night time' to show my floodlite vedgetable patch!.. Many thanks all, my mind is rested. Happy gardening to you all


As I said I would photos.... I hope the photos show.. The security light from next door have not been effecting an ongoing bountiful harvest (flowering / fruiting) as said by others.  With regards to slugs.. WoW!.. the lights do indeed seem to keep the slugs away.. they gather on the patio near where the photo was taken but don't slide up the lawn towards my vedgetables - and in effect towards the sercurity light!.. We may be onto something here.. The lettuces are pristine . Regards, Jon

wow very impressive well done!


I would be livid if that security light was shining in my garden.  Bad for wildlife (including humans) as well as the fact that any amateur astronomers with a couple of hundred yards will have their hobby ruined.

Stacey Docherty

Yeah I have to say a stone may fly up when I was mowing the lawn to that light!!!


As Bob mentioned, light like that can harm humans.  I hope you have black-out curtains.

this seems to be an unusual arrangement. Seems from the photo to be an air conditioning fan haning out on your property and that camera appears to be pointing at your garden. I think I would be having a word with your neighbour about getting all three removed.

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