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on a wet afternoon recently I was browsing gardening books on kindle I came across Charles Dowdings myths and misconceptions and found it interesting, I then looked at samples of his gardening books and downloaded growing winter veg as I struggle to have enough veg to get us right through.

it may not be for every body but I have used no dig in my raised beds for many years and if your just starting With veg it's worth a look


Thanks Ann I'll have a Google. Do you like Kalo Nero Kale?  Mine is prolific but we don't much like it dunno why I grew it 


Hi Kef I havnt grown it yet but OH loves green veg so I'm hoping I can sow and plant every thing at the right times this year

Hello little-ann  I have Charles Dowdings book 'Organic Gardening, the natural no-dig way' as I'm planning my new allotment on the no-dig way. Find it inspirational. Raised beds organised, manure at the ready!

Also read the 'Half Hour Allotment'  by ? (Oops will have to look for the author).

Re-reading both and have put in a library request for Bob Flowerdews latest.

Interested to hear of your no-dig veg beds. Any chance you could add to the debates going on with Zoomer44's Allotment thread?


Hi BB will go and have look now 



Ann my Rainbow Chard is also doing well even after frost and snow, same with perpetual spinach   That Kale is very strong and in my opinion bitter. Fidget posted about a veg called Brokale ? spelling grows like sprouts and is a cross in terms of taste between broccoli and kale I'm thinking about that for next winter.     

Re 'The halfhour allotment'   authour Lia Leenderts. Recommend not least for the table given of what to grow when and how many plants need for cropping to avoid gluts. Just right for a beginner like me   


Some Cavolo nero recipes to look at here

When I lived in the south and didn't have a garden, Riverford used to deliver a veg box to me every week, usually with the oddest things in it. To help people out with these unusual items they always included a recipe sheet in the box. Their field kitchen is deservedly famous.


Kef my rainbow chard went to seed not sure if it was short of water

I've grown cavolo Nero for a few years it grows well, only use it instead of cabbage. When does the new compost come into the garden centres?

Ann I've Googled Charles Dowdings very interesting My chard also had a spell of going to seed but after cutting back it recovered, but we had no shortage of rain here 

pansyface thank you for the link I've enjoyed looking at it and there are a couple of recipes that I will try.


Logan I'm not sure, I just check out the colour of the bags and if it hasn't faded I assume it is new stuff. It might be a while yet as I don't think people will be buying a lot of compost at this time of the year. 

Oh thanks kef
Kef I like to start some seeds in the conservatory this time of year so really need some new, tried with the old not sure if they germinated very well.

Logan seed compost should be available now, I thought you meant big bags of multi purpose. 

If you want more people to answer any questions it would be good to start a new thread about the subject so more people see it.  Good luck with the sowing.


Just realised that these threads become a part of my winter reading, especially when looking for answers to small queries   

As for another book,  I'm dipping into Joy Larkcom's, 'Creative Vegetable Gardening' . There's a good section on intercropping, what grows with what and when. Good ideas for potagers.


Sorry for some reason I havnt been able to reply dont know why

pansy thanks for the link to river ford some great recipes there

bb i have been tempted to get one of Joys books, I have an early one of Bob flowerdews organic gardening I bought from oxfam as well as an rhs and various other s 


It's playing up again

Kef we are on a private water supply and the tank is on the fell side at the other side of the valley I have water buts and normally we have no shortages but OH had a new hip in June and was unable to go and check the tank when we had a very dry spell I decided to go myself one hot afternoon while he had a rest I had an idea were it was I knew it was behind a rowan above a big rock unfortunately by the time I had walked to it I could see a numer of rowan but the bracken was so thick and tall I couldnt see the rock  any way I did eventually find it and it was full and lots flowing in but I think the veg had been without for a bit to long, but as every farmer and gardener knows next year will be better


Just ordered the book on Amazon, started veg for first time last year and planning a lot more winter veg this year. 


Hope you enjoy it Gemma I have been using no dig with home made compost for a long time it would be good if everything grew by the book but we keep on trying