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please don't answer this post if your handle is not  obelixx:

   obelixx  so how deep do corn roots grow. I am still waiting for you to post a link to the research study you claimed to have read. surely you have found it by now.



Don't bother with him - he's a Flamer and a WUM - well known for it.  I didn't think it'd take him long once he found this Board.  He's just out to spoil things for others.  He must be so miserable.

Gary Hobson
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Don't bother with him ...

Dove, I wouldn't have bothered to answer.

Except that the first sentence, saying that he only wanted Obelixx to reply, and no-one else, seemed an invitation to do what he didn't want.

Two minutes before starting this thread he'd started another thread bemoaning the fact that people were calling him a troll. Then he started this one, specifically addressed to one person, blatantly trying to intimidate an individual.

I was unable to find the smilie with two fingers sticking up.


:- D Gary.

The ignore button may come into its own now.


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

It's important to know these things LOL

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