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Just wondering which varieties have performed best for you this year........any recommendations or any that you have found disappointing.....general performance or yield.

For me the goodies were ............

Dwarf Bean "Opera"

Potato "Rocket"

Courgette "Gold Rush"

Lab lab (  Dolichos or Hyacinth bean )


Kale "Black Tuscany".......plagued with caterpillars but that was simply my fault.

Tomato.......Sungold, and Black Cherry.

The disappointments

Tomato "Rosada"

Spring Onion "Lisbon"

Mangetout "Sweet Horizon"

There are a few more but these are my main contenders.




...not much of a fruit and veg grower Philippa.... very poor and unworthy to be a gardener tomatoes have done really well though...last years seeds too... Orange Paruche and Sungold....can hardly tell the difference.... I do love these orangy types...

...I used to grow spring onion 'Lisbon' and enjoyed that very much.... very easy to grow....  sorry to hear of your disappointments there..

...unfortunately, I'm one of the people that...if you go to Asda at the right time of day.... it's all reduced to dirt know.. 1p for a punnet of toms... 10p for a bag of potatoes......  I sometimes wonder why we bother..   have to get there before the Polish though....clever shoppers the

..anyway...just bumping this up for you... as it would be good to hear how others have got on this season....bumper crops etc... which varieties.... I'd like to know that too...


Looks like everyone else is too busy picking bumper harvests to comment

I was interested mainly because I had been disappointed with some stuff this year and was wondering what was worth considering for next year and whether I could make improvements.  Given the speed at which we are heading into Autumn and Seed Catalogue perusing time, I'd hoped for a few ideas.

Like you, I do like the orangey Tom types tho I admit I've never come across Paruche but I'll look out for that one.

I do so agree about the Polish shoppers..........having lived in both France and Spain, I have become used to carefully picking over what is on offer in the market/shop even to the extent of removing leaves, stalks of something which is sold by the kilo so you only pay for the good bits. That was always the norm.  I do this even now but notice it is only our Polish contingent here who do the same......mostly English people are either too polite or just prepared to buy the bad with the good

Too far away from the big supermarkets to take advantage  of the reduced veg but can see it would be very handy.


My best ones have been

Wax wax bean
Borlotti bean
Corgette black forest

The worst, but im sure this was me more than the plants
Cucumber, white something or other- got some seed left so will try to do a better job next year!
Pumpkin nuts, again this was cos im a bit (lot) dipy

As i had such a late start, it will still be a whie before some stuff is ready

Thanks Bekkie.............I did Borlotti many years ago but didn't have great results.  As I love dried beans/pulses, I think maybe it's time to try again......another to add to my list


They have been shorter than i expected, but as healthy as can be, the wax wax beans look like yin yang signs, amazing that nature can do that

Mine were from Chiltern seeds

Chiltern are usually pretty good........I first used them years ago...........when Dad produced the catalogue.  His write ups were wonderful......the catalogue was worth the money in those days.....just to read the descriptions was a treat in itself

Ive only been using them the last few years, i had the most stunning nigella last year which decided to grow some variations, chiltern were really nice and asked for pics, all of the flowers were nice

Have you kept some of your dads write ups?
Orchid Lady

Hi Philippa, sorry I missed this yesterday.  To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in general with my veg attempts and as for the fruit.....well it's none existent!! I've quite a few courgettes though but can't remember the variety (sorry!)

The poor yield is my own fault I think, very much a learning curve this year and I don't think I've given plants enough space in my enthusiasm or enough water.

Oh well, we live and learn and all I can do is look forward to next year.  I've also still got my parsnips and carrots to look forward to and I have one squash growing, so we'll see how I get in with that 

That kailaan stuff was ace, no messin about, you can eat the stem, leaves and flowers, if you dont pick it the flowers are really simple and pretty

Sorry Beckie..........I didn't really make it clear re Chiltern.  I was referring to the guy who started Chiltern Seeds ( his daughters run it now I believe hence my saying Dad). His descriptions and comments in the catalogues were both informative and amusing.

Don't know Kailaan.  Where did you get the seeds from ?

OL......I don't think it is all down to inexperience as such.  Some of the easiest things (such as carrots and spring onions ) have been disastrous for me this year

BTW, in case I don't get to "speak" to you again beforehand, I do hope you enjoy your upcoming holiday

It was most lilely me not reading properly Phillipa, went all day without a meal yesterday, trying to be wonder woman again- like we do!

I think the kailaan was from chiltern, but could have been OGC

OL, i agree with Phillipa, veggies are really tempremental, most of us have something they struggle with from one year to the next

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